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Feature Request: Ability to Copy a Note in Web Interface



The issue is described in this post:

But it appears that post/thread isn't a "feature request" post, so I'd like to make sure a feature request made it to Evernote.


Specifically, I'd like to be able to copy/duplicate a note in the web interface.  This is something the Evernote (Windows) client provides.


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Yes to this! I'm glad that the desktop and mobile clients have had this basic functionality for years, but many of us have to use the web client because we're on a work/school/lab/shared computer or because we're Linux users who still have no official Desktop client.  Given that Evernote has instituted massive price increases recently, I hope they will spend some of that extra money we're paying to improve the product!  Please add note copy to the new web UI and maybe more people will upgrade to it. Thanks!

PS: All of us interested in the feature should hit the up arrow on the top left of this page.  If the request has more points, maybe Evernote will consider it.

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There's lots of explanations around here somewhere about why the web version became orphaned app,  and how Evernote were working on a new version due for release 'early this year' - I'm beginning to lose faith in that,  but hopefully they are working on improvements.

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