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  1. Sad to see users popping up now and again to innocently request new features or repeat requests for old ones. Makes me we are all being taken for a ride. And yes I know: this is a user forum...Evernote has no obligation to even pay any attention to what happens here...Evernote never tells its users what it intends to do in the future...blah blah blah. I know all that, but am still angry. This is simply not right.
  2. You may be lucky and get that in the rumoured new version. Or you may not. Nobody here has the faintest idea of what we will get. Good luck.
  3. But this forum is not about Windows client.... It is about the Web client.
  4. Request has been around for a while...seemingly ignored. This Web version is dead and awaiting burial. There is hope of a new one later this year...and hope that Evernote may just pay attention to some of the requests made here over the past couple of years.
  5. Well, for the record, it is all invented. But if that award existed Evernote would be up there amongst the contenders. It's personal in the sense that I dislike anyone taking people's money and ignoring them, as do we all. And though I do not depend on Evernote to do my job, I have the feeling that some of the people who have written on this forum (and who have been ignored) do. A poorly functioning Evernote may represent a serious handicap to them doing their jobs as well as they need to/would like. But I take your you can see I have removed a person's name, assuming that she started with the best of intentions and either moved on (and good luck to her), was dismissed (ditto) or was told to forget Web version issues, the company having other priorities (I would not be surprised).
  6. Evernote has been awarded the much-coveted Blood out of a Stone award, annually given to a corporation which has set the lowest standards for provider-end user communications. The award came as no surprise to those familiar with Evernote and its policy of hiring deaf mutes for its PR section. Accepting the award on behalf of her colleagues (a group of equally taciturn employees "helmed by a crack team out of Austin"), an Evernote representative said nothing and, when asked to expand, refused to be drawn and pretended to be a bathroom cabinet. _________ Evernote's motto: "With a bit of luck, they won't notice."
  7. This thread is taking on War and Peace proportions! What an epic! Unfortunately, there is no actual development in the narrative: complaint...silence.....complaint....silence....complaint ...... Our only hope! The new very under-documented Web version which we are all expecting to i) cure all infectious diseases ii) make Rogan Josh to order iii) look after our plants while we go on holiday and iv) not send us messages about the blindingly obvious. P.S. There is now a reward for anyone providing information that might lead to the discovery of the whereabouts of Scruggles. She is wearing an identifying chip and was last seen in this area...a long time ago.
  8. They don't "do" explanations very often. Their PR section is run by a hamster. They prefer to spend their time working on their infantile "looks good, tastes of nothing" blog, developing subjects like "Note taking - an important skill" or "My bakery franchise owes a lot to Evernote". There is the occasional message from the Evernote team. They are easy to find: just scan for the words like "excited" or "helmed".
  9. Such an enormous pile of requests and wishes has been building up. Somebody should make a list and then we can seen how many actually get into the new version.
  10. I can only offer you my handkerchief to bite on, John.
  11. Those who aren't paying a subscription may feel that they are lucky for any help they get. Those who are paying have every right to be righteously indignant when they are ignored.
  12. If you get an apology, hang onto it. It could be worth a lot of money at auction in a few years' tiime.
  13. ETA? Evernote does not do ETA. Evernote hides in a closet and hopes that we will go away. Evernote closes its eyes, put its hands over its ears, and sings La La La in a loud voice. Evernote does not come out to play. ETA?
  14. Don't worry about being French! There's no discrimination with the Web version: it's equally bad whatever your nationality.