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  1. And you will continue to ... all change is off here. I doubt anyone from Evernote ever bothers to navigate to this forum now. They won't say that this version has been cast adrift from the mother ship, but it has. We are on our own. But somewhere deep within that ship, it seems a new web version is being built...and will pop out into space some time this year... hopefully with better supervision from Mum. Patience!
  2. This year should bring a totally new web version....and hopefully those designers will have taken on board the many complaints made about the latest (and soon to be late and not lamented) version.
  3. I think we have reached the stage where writing anything on this forum is more or less a waste of time if what you want to do is to ask for something. We know that this new version has pretty much been a disaster and we know that something brand new is due some time in 2017. That will be another learning curve for everyone but at least it may see an end to this very black period for Web version users. In the meantime, there probably aren't going to be any more improvements in this Web version - Evernote employees are simply looking for a home for retired web versions where it will be properly cared for and will have all the loving care that an application with such a low self-esteem requires. I don't expect Evernote to say anything until the launch later on this year, when we will doubtless be treated to the usual fanfares and promises, which we hope will be justified and kept.
  4. It would be interesting to know how much revenue Evernote has lost due to customer dissatisfaction with the Web version and its apparent unwillingness to acknowledge that dissatisfaction.
  5. They are, but late at night under the sheets in bed, secretly. And they don't tell each other.
  6. Well, if you follow the link, it sounds good...fingers crossed!
  7. Scruggles exciting observation made on the last occasion we were privileged to see any release notes (18th August) has had me on tenterhooks for the last five months! The next four weeks are going to be really something given that the last five months have been absolutely .... nothing... I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to make my financial contribution to a tool which is in a continuous state of development and improvement. Like all of you, I feel that it has been money well spent and look forward to having the opportunity to fund further development. And don't forget to keep voting for the changes that you would most like to see folks, but always bearing in mind, of course, that they may actually have no influence whatsoever on the development of the version that I have come to refer to affectionately as good old, workaround-plagued Webby. This is a cue for that stout-hearted Scruggles-defender DTLow to reply with something very sensible along the lines of "I really don't see the point of your post. Did you write to Scruggles personally before posting this?" Well the point, old son, is that I don't like anybody or any organisation taking the piss and thinking I haven't noticed.
  8. Could this have been the inspiration...?
  9. I don't seem to have the right to vote for the moment...Evernote team's revenge? Enjoy Christmas Gazumped! (PS I had no idea about all that privacy stuff. I always feel like it's a battle we have lost whatever happens...but it seems not.)
  10. We are all "reaching out" to Evernote, which seems to be the latest corporate-speak for "email". It just sounds so emotional doesn't it? Reach out. Wow! But you can do all the reaching you want, Evernote is hiding in a cupboard. Enjoy your Christmas in there, Evernote!
  11. For optimism...Go Gazumped! I'm with you all the way!
  12. It's a secret sensor developed by bored engineers. It detects a high level of dissatisfaction with the product and makes predictions accordingly.
  13. would be nice to see a league table plus a request for those who have never voted to do so...
  14. I will go with your stoicism, gazumped, although I would like to think that most of us are prepared to look favourably on an organisation that is open enough with its customers to begin its announcements with the words "all things being equal" ....
  15. At some time in the past there was a post from Scruggles in which she said "watch out for developments over the next six months" or words to that effect. Those changes have never happened. I understand that nothing is written in stone, but customers have to be treated with more respect than has been evident on this forum. And if they are, they will be prepared to be understanding when the company has not been able to deliver improvements despite its best intentions.