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  1. I can only offer you my handkerchief to bite on, John.
  2. Those who aren't paying a subscription may feel that they are lucky for any help they get. Those who are paying have every right to be righteously indignant when they are ignored.
  3. If you get an apology, hang onto it. It could be worth a lot of money at auction in a few years' tiime.
  4. ETA? Evernote does not do ETA. Evernote hides in a closet and hopes that we will go away. Evernote closes its eyes, put its hands over its ears, and sings La La La in a loud voice. Evernote does not come out to play. ETA?
  5. Don't worry about being French! There's no discrimination with the Web version: it's equally bad whatever your nationality.
  6. "Excited" is an important word in Evernote. They get very excited ...overexcited...but thankfully not very least for the web there is nothing to get excited about... Here, we all sleep undisturbed...
  7. When they find a postage stamp with a small mistake in the design it normally becomes very very valuable. They are sold in auctions for ridiculous prices. The same thing is true for positive comments about the web interface. There are thousands of people on the forum looking for one in the hope that it will make them rich. They search and search...
  8. Well, that is heartening. Maybe some users think this site doubles as a support site...and it does in a way, but just between users. It sounds like they should be using the Evernote Support site if they are looking for a prompt response from the company.
  9. Response? From Evernote? Look around the forum for five minutes... The Evernote employee who is "responsible" for communication here paid her last visit on 1st November.... As far as I can see, Evernote has responded to absolutely nothing for a considerable time, at least nothing posted on this forum. We have been abandoned...there is no evidence that anyone from the company is paying the slightest attention to anything that is said here: problems, recommendations, requests..nothing. If anyone reads this and has actually had a problem solved by Evernote since Nov 1, it would be nice to know.
  10. Plans? Survey? Are you really talking about Evernote?
  11. I think there is something you can send called a "ticket". Can somebody confirm and indicate how to do it?
  12. Wow! What an amazing post. I just hope somebody in EN looks at it. I don't think we will see an improvements in the Web-UI. Evernote know that it is a loser. It will be replaced by a version 3 later this year. And our only hope is that they have "listened to" all the requests and critiques written here.
  13. I go from thread to thread and see the same thing...frustration and anger. Just cruise around for a while and you will see. In the end it comes down to this, I think: the Web version is not where the money is; the money is in Macs and Windows. That is where EN has put its energies. I am not surprised about that. But I am surprised at how EN has treated its customers here...with a cold and callous indifference. Many of us pay EN and deserve better than simply being ignored. But I have been saying this now for a long time...
  14. Would be a nice gesture on their part, wouldn't it?
  15. It is now very unlikely that EN will fix anything on the WEB version. There is a general recognition that it has been a disaster for many users and the company is not likely to invest any time or money fixing it. It is history. A dead man walking. It remains here because something has to be here. EN can't just withdraw the product like washing powder from supermarket shelves. As the great and good Gazumped has informed us in other parts of the forum, a brand new 3rd web version is expected some time this year. Until then the only point in writing here is to express your anger or to ask for or offer a workaround (as EN is not doing very much to help us, we are doing a very good job of helping each other. Bravo!)