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  1. The New Evernote Web Layout Is HORRIBLE

    Been away for a while. Reassuring to see that nothing has changed. Same old (and very reasonable) requests...same old Evernote inaction.
  2. Suggestion for a Pinned Message

    Not sure who Chicken Little is...maybe a story that was never read to me...not sure it is an especially flattering comparison... Anyway...4 years...OK. I'd like some requests for the web service to actually benefit the web service. All good luck to other versions and their users. But some of us are on the web version because we can't actually use anything else most of the time.
  3. "For those of you about to spend some time listing your requests for improvements to the Web version" There have been no significant improvements to the Web version for at least 18 months. None of the requests made here have been implemented. Neither have there been any responses from representatives of the company. The last time Release Notes were published was almost a year ago. This is not to discourage you from indicating how you would like to see the Web version improve. Contributors make very good suggestions which receive a lot of support. It is simply to alert you to the fact that, taking into account Evernote's recent track record, there is little or no reason to believe that what you request will be implemented in the foreseeable future. The Web version, to all intents and purposes, appears to have been abandoned in development terms"
  4. The message "You are leaving Evernote."

    You (bdavis) and many others, I imagine. The four pages of requests for this "feature" to be removed speak for themselves. Expect nothing. Then, if Evernote does something, you will be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Highlight tool for Evernote Web

    I found this quite useful. Don't expect anything from Evernote. The last big change here was the ability to nest notes or tags (can't remember which) and that must have been about 18 months ago. There may be stuff going on "under the hood" but my impression is that the Web version has been effectively abandoned. It is what it is.
  6. Highlight tool for Evernote Web

    Amazing abc! How on earth did you discover that? Evernote should offer you a job!
  7. Web Clipper crashes Vivaldi

    Sorry to hear you have been having problems with crashes. I have to say that you might be better considering another browser. Evernote does not do "respond" very much recently. It just keeps its counsel.
  8. Notice that Nanphan agreed...two years ago...the improvement continues apace.
  9. Highlight tool for Evernote Web

    Are we seeing some honesty at last? Transparency, even. If things go on like this we might even be prepared to give Evernote the benefit of the doubt!
  10. Open note in a separate window

    We don't get anything in the web version now. In practical terms, it has been abandoned. We are hoping for Version no 3.
  11. Evernote Web White Screen of Death

    I stand corrected.
  12. Evernote Web White Screen of Death

    That's very good advice from Gazumped. If you need help from other users, this is your place. If you need help from Evernote, this is the last place in the world you will get it. Take the individual approach and contact them directly. Good luck!
  13. Better image handling options in Evernote Web

    I think the "Evernote Web story" might become a classic in business schools - an example of how not to do PR and not to curate your customers. In this respect, Evernote seems to think it is doing enough by regularly publishing an infantile blog with titles like Take Notes to See Your Business Grow! or Henry Ford Took Notes. They prefer to spend money on that rather than on making it possible for us to resize images or for people with sight issues to be able to change to a black screen. I don't know who they think they are fooling. Certainly not me and you!
  14. I am actually beginning to suspect that a decision has been taken by Evernote to cut the link with the Web Version and leave it to float off. So much time has gone by. ...
  15. Better image handling options in Evernote Web

    Hi Grover We have been here many times before. It is the most reasonable of requests. Many have asked. Evernote simply ignores us and has been doing so now for what is about ten months. Everyone is irritated. Some have left. Others wait, not in the hope that anything will be fixed or added to this version - it appears to be dead in the water as far as future development is concerned - but rather in the hope that there may be third version on the way in 2017. The evidence for this is a message found on the web some time ago by one of our forum greats: Gazumped. It seems to indicate that a change is on the way, but for the moment the Web Version is a bit like a satellite floating in space, having lost connection with the (Evernote) mother ship. We wait...and we wait...and we hope.