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How to open a support ticket

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Hi, How i can open a ticket support? I am a free user. In the ticket support page, i dont see form or any others thing. Thanks.


For technical support or advanced user:


i am a free user. Yesterday, after an hard disk malfunction, my exb database is damaged. Most of my notes were in local notebooks.

In Windows i cant copy or move the exb file, even with linux cd boot. So i copied with DD utility the 99.9% of my file skipping bad sectors.

I can open the resultin EXB file with sqliteadmin or db browser, and i can see my notes in row and tables. I try to export and import the tables in a new exb file generated with evernote, but not working, i cant see my notes.



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7 hours ago, GeorgeLeo said:

Yesterday, after an hard disk malfunction, my exb database is damaged. Most of my notes were in local notebooks.

Sorry, I don't have a solution for you.

Your problem illustrates the need to have backups if you're using Local notebooks.  We have a built in backup to the Evernote servers when notes are synced, but this is lost when we suppress the sync process.

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On 25. September 2016 at 7:57 PM, DTLow said:

Here's the link to the support page    Contact Evernote Support

It has a series of boxes to fill out, and at the bottom there's buttons for submitting tickets.

Note: Some users have reported not seeing the submit ticket button

I tried to see this submit ticket button in Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Sorry, but right now there is NO submit ticket button!!! Is it possible that there is a technical problem on your side? I need to place a ticket regarding "missing content" (I'm a free user) and I don't want to use Twitter or the Community for that. 

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Facing the same problem. Missing content in an important note and the help site has to be one of the most confusing and unhelpful experiences. Should make it clear that basic users cannot generate a ticket rather than have people going in circles. It is also entirely  unclear now how to resolve this issue or get in touch with customer support. It is fine to differentiate quality of customer support experience based on subscription level - but there has to be a minimum level of customer support available even to free users. 


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