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Unable to scroll to first or last note in "All Notes"

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As the title, does anyone else have this problem?  I have just returned to Evernote from a foray with Onenote and I'm extremely please with the upgrade I found - especially the pre-release version which has addressed some of my wish list from a few months ago.

However, while trying to sort out the mess that Onenote has made, I try to view the first (or last) note - in any given order - but my scroll bar will only go to about the first (or last) third of the notes. If I have ANY search or tag parameter selected then it's no problem. I have just over 18000 notes and they have all synced with the server.

Is this a bug?


Regards Graham

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I think this behavior first appeared in one of the V6 releases and was reported in those threads.  Best option I have found at this point is Crtrl-Home or Ctrl-End to get to the top or bottom of the note list.

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Thanks Cal, at least I now know I'm not the only one. I never thought of using Crtrl-Home or Ctrl-End but it doesn't do me any good as I have a 3rd party cut-down mini keyboard for my Surface Pro and guess what? It doesn't have the Home & End keys...

I will use it on the odd occasion I use my desktop though so thanks for the tip...


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I reported this issue today to customer service and unfortunately I didn't see this thread when I searched for the problem before posting.

I include a screenshot in my post and I sent a video to customer service, so hopefully they will have a fix soon.

(Thanks to Dave-in-Decatur for pointing out this thread)


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