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Roundup of our Q2 updates

Guest Anibal I.

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Guest Anibal I.

Hi all, 

Since our last roundup in April, we’ve added improvements to help you cut down on the busy work and focus on what’s really important. 

This includes new functionality to help you tackle recurring tasks with less effort, find what you need faster, and take action in the app with fewer keystrokes, clicks, and taps. Here’s a rundown of the biggest enhancements we made in Q2: 

  • Make your recurring tasks easier to tackle — One of your most requested features is here! Tasks is more powerful than ever with the addition of recurring tasks. You can now schedule repeating due dates and reminders for your tasks. When you mark the task as done, Evernote automatically resets to the next due date for you.


  • Take action in Evernote, right from your iOS home screen — All of our latest widgets can help you tap less and do more:
    • Actions Bar: One tap starts a new note, opens the camera, or creates a new task. Perfect for capturing fleeting ideas and moments before they slip away. You can even search for an existing note right from the widget.


    • Notes List: See a list of recently updated notes right on your home screen. A single tap takes you directly into the note of your choice, so you can access existing information and add new content in fewer steps. 


    • Tasks List: Check in with your tasks at a glance and open any task to access its details with—you guessed it—just one tap. Note that the Tasks List widget is available for Personal, Professional, and Teams accounts. 


Ready to save some time? See how to set up a widget on your iOS device

Android user? We see you. Here’s how to set up widgets on your Android device

  • Linking just got easier — When you think about all the on-screen navigation it takes to add a link, it’s actually pretty cumbersome, but now there’s a more intuitive way. Simply copy a URL, highlight the text in your note you want to link, select ‘Paste,’ and voila—link added! We love how much time it saves, and we think you will too. 
  • If you like stacks, you’ll love this — Stacks are a great way to organize related notebooks, but now there’s a way to find the information in your stacks faster: filter by stack when searching within Evernote or using the filtered notes widget—and find what you need with less guesswork. Note that this functionality is not available for Teams customers yet, but we’re working on it. 

These are just the highlights from our recent updates. There’s a lot more where this came from. We’ll let you know when we release our next round of improvements. Until then, update to the current version of Evernote on all of your devices to make sure you have access to the latest and greatest. 

To see the full list of all our recent enhancements, check out our archive of release notes. If you’re interested in how we deliver updates, read this article to see how we share new releases with our customers.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

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