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Recurring tasks are now available!


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Hi all,
I’m pleased to announce the launch of one of your most requested features: recurring tasks!
This new capability makes Tasks even more useful, helping you manage all those regularly occurring to-dos – from weekly project updates week to bi-yearly dentist appointments – with ease.
When adding a due date to a task, you’ll now have the option to make it repeat as many times as you want. Preset options like “daily” and “weekly” are available, or you can set a custom interval. When you mark a recurring task as complete Evernote automatically resets to the next due date for you.


Recurring tasks is rolling out on Mac and Windows version 10.40, and iOS and Android version 10.35. iOS, Mac and Windows customers can get the latest version today by heading to the app store or by using the direct download from our website. For Android customers, the update will roll out over the next few days and will be available to you soon. 
Special thanks to everyone in our Early Access Program who participated in the beta and shared thoughts and suggestions on recurring tasks. Your feedback helps Evernote continuously improve.
Learn more about recurring tasks on our blog. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to @Anibal I. directly.
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