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Evernote General Discussion

  1. Evernote Knowledge Base,
  2. Evernote Localization

Discuss the general Evernote offering, including tips, questions, and general feedback. If you need something product/client specific, please post in the appropriate forum!

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Cheat Sheet for Evernote Se... - last post by Wordsgood


Hit "Follow" in the right hand corner of this forum to receive email updates on special forum events, news, and updates.

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Wanted: Beta Testers - last post by MarkMarkHairlipDog

EN the Lounge

Our Off-Topic discussion area. Come introduce yourself, talk random stuff and meet fellow Evernote users! Anything that isn't related to Evernote lives here.

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Market Forces - OneNote for... - last post by GrumpyMonkey

Third Party Application Discussions

A place for users to discuss third party applications, and for developers to post about their products.

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Why won't my Evernote S... - last post by ScottLougheed

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Discuss our cross-platform Evernote client, your external brain.

Categories: AndroidBlackBerryMacOtherWebWindowsWindows 8Windows PhoneiOS

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Altered behaviour: Copy Not... - last post by Si-500

Evernote Business

Have a question or thoughts about Evernote Business? Discuss them here.

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Can scanned business cards... - last post by kahht

Evernote Market

Discuss items available in the Evernote Market, a selection of noteworthy products designed to improve more of your everyday.

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Why would I want Moleskin? - last post by Wordsgood


Discuss Skitch, our application that helps you annotate and draw attention to your images.

Categories: AndroidMacOtherWebWindowsWindows 8iOS

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  • 3 372 Ответов
Skitch Sync Issues - last post by Graf


Discuss Penultimate, our app that lets you draw and write to your heart's content.

Categories: OtheriOS

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FEATURE REQUEST - Password... - last post by ruiguerreiro

Evernote Web Clipper

Discuss the Evernote Web Clipper, our browser extension that makes saving pages and articles on the web a snap.

Categories: ChromeFirefoxIEOtherSafari

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  • 5 639 Ответов
Web Clipper links to Avira !? - last post by denisddfb

Evernote Hello

Discuss Evernote Hello, our application that makes it easier than ever to remember people you meet.

Categories: AndroidOtheriOS

  • 232 Тем
  • 931 Ответов
Syncing Evernote Hello to c... - last post by Don Sakers

Evernote Food

Discuss Evernote Food, our application that makes it easy to remember meals, recipes, and more.

Categories: AndroidOtheriOS

  • 273 Тем
  • 816 Ответов
Photo Size - last post by Lawrence Tsoi

Evernote Clearly

Discuss Evernote Clearly, our browser extension that makes online articles clean and easy to read.

Categories: ChromeFirefoxOther

  • 260 Тем
  • 1 236 Ответов
Evernote Clearly : Text to... - last post by SridharO

Evernote Peek

Discuss Evernote Peek, our app that turns your notes, audio, and images in Evernote into study materials.

Categories: OtheriOS

  • 54 Тем
  • 177 Ответов
Pictures zooming in peek - last post by bethdon93

Evernote 日本語

Evenote サービスとクライアントに関する日本語掲示板
Categories: Android 日本語General 日本語Mac 日本語Windows 日本語iOS 日本語

  • 678 Тем
  • 1 045 Ответов
【要望】開く時にパスワードを必要とするPDFを添付した... - last post by brabbit

Evernote по-русски

[Только для чтения] Обсуждение Evernote на русском языке. Используйте сообщество http://ru-support.evernote.com

  • 347 Тем
  • 1 331 Ответов
И снова Ошибка синхронизации - last post by Дмитрий П

Evernote Beta Testing

  1. Evernote Blackberry Beta

Are you beta testing for Evernote? Leave your comments here. Open betas may be available in the general products section above.

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  • 25 Ответов
Permanent hang-up on 'S... - last post by Everbaffled

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Evernote Lifestyles

Discuss how you use Evernote for your hobbies and interests.

Categories: BloggingCraftDesignEvent PlanningFitnessFoodGTDHolidaysOrganizationOtherPaperlessParentingPhotographyProductivityPublic SpeakingReal EstateResearchSalon-SpaSmall BusinessTeachingTravel

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How I use Evernote to Get T... - last post by dennis1088

Evernote for Schools

Join the discussion about how Evernote is being put to use in schools. Share your experiences, best practices and tips and learn from fellow educators.

Categories: 1:1ClearlyHigher EdK-12Mobile LearningOtherPeekPortfolioSkitchTeaching

  • 146 Тем
  • 441 Ответов
Using Evernote as a Worksheet - last post by GrumpyMonkey

Evernote for Developers

  1. Devcup 2013

Discussion about integrating with Evernote via Evernote's scripting interfaces or service API.

  • 1 983 Тем
  • 6 126 Ответов
Getting Started on Rails - last post by Pathouse

Evernote for Developers 日本語

Evernote API を用いた開発・インテグレーションに関する日本語掲示板

  • 31 Тем
  • 81 Ответов
python-oauth2でOAuthアクセストークン... - last post by ShinjiS

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