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Append note links to an index note to log recipes used

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I try to keep track of which recipes I use from day to day, and I have been doing this by copying a note link from my recipe in Evernote into an index note where I can see what we've had for dinner and go directly to a recipe if we want to revisit it. 


It is a bit of a hassle to do the copying, scrolling and appending, so I thought I'd try Zapier to automate this task. By using the reminder function (I don't use it for anything else), I could automatically send a recipe to the index note with link and date - great! Unfortunately, this only works the first time you set the reminder. Even if you delete the reminder, Zapier will not trigger again for a note that has triggered a reminder event once, and I'm back with manual link copying again. 


Does anyone know about a better app/web service that can help to keep a log like this without having to go through all that copying and pasting? 




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What versions of OS and Evernote are you running?


If you can use a Mac, you could probably use AppleScript and/or Keyboard Maestro to do this.

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Thanks for the tip, that looks great! But alas, I use Evernote on PC and Android. Maybe I'll change to a Mac the next time it's time to change my computer.. I considered making something with Autohotkey, but I need to be able to trigger the log from mobile. 


After reviewing this thread (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/68444-how-can-i-develop-a-word-cloud-within-evernote-folders/?p=305912), I realised that I could use a specific tag + move the recipe note between notebooks. A bit clunky, but it works. I'm not sure if it's easier than the manual 'copy link and paste to note' process, but it's a start..


Let's just hope that somebody can pick up the remains of Evernote Food and turn it into a proper logging/suggestion tool for home cooking.. :) 

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Hi.  If you're wanting to avoid cutting and pasting,  you might want to look into Phrase Express - http://www.phraseexpress.com/ - it's a 'text expander' that works like your spellcheck,  except instead of autcorrecting "teh" into "the",  it'll take a short series of characters and produce something much longer.  You set up the connections yourself,  so if you typed (forinstance) "beef stew" you could have PE always show the full link to that recipe note.  (Now I think of it,  I'm not sure whether you could insert an active link so 'beef stew' came up as 'beef stew' - but it's worth investigating...)  Or you could add a code to each recipe so AA105 would expand to the link..


Don't know if it's helpful,  just sayin'... ;)

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