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Two step verification and Google Authenticator

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I am trying to set up two step verification. I have done successfully the first steps, email confirmation and link to my mobile. However, I am then asked to install with the optional clause to set up "Google Authenticator." I don't want this as it adds another level of complexity, I just want the authenticator number to go to my connected mobile from Evernote to close the security loop. 

I can see no way to skip the Google Authenticator set up ? No skip options offered. 

When I just click on the screen the google authenticator box disappears and the whole set up process is cancelled. 

Any suggestions ?

I am using a PC on the web to access evernote and settings, all software upgraded to latest. My mobile is an iphone.

thank you


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Hi @CAVOK. Since you are a paid member, you are not required to use an authenticator app. There's a skip link on the authenticator download page. Please see the attached screenshot.


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