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convert .ENB file?

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Hello, all. Thanks for reading.

I use a Seewo whiteboard for my teaching. The whiteboard app runs on Android. At the end of class I save everything I have written on the whiteboard. The app puts it into a file with an .enb extension.

I want to be able to save the files and distribute them to my students (or whomever). However, I can find no software that can convert .enb files to anything else. My research says this is a very old type of .enb file.

I can export the file to a .pdf (instead of .enb) file, but the process requires at least 3 minutes for each file. I have a LOT of files to convert/export, and was hoping I could find a way to convert more than one at a time.

Any ideas?

Also, my Evernote for Windows will not import the files.

Thanks, all!


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Hi.  Seems like Evernote used that file extension some time ago,  but the file format was (presumably) different,  and in any case it's no longer supported.  If your whiteboard can re-load those files and display the original board,  it seem to me you could just take a picture of the board - with the Evernote app if you wish,  but any photo app would probably do - and print out the image for distribution.  Apart from lighting and possible legibility issues,  that would seem to be the easiest was forward.

Failing that,  other establishments that own similar equipment might have some tips about conversions,  but this is not an Evernote issue.


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Found an old topic here that might be of interest: 



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Hi gazumped and jefito. Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Yes, photographing the screens is a workaround. I finally resorted to exporting each .enb file to a PDF file. This was a long and tedious task. In the future I will not wait so long to export my presentations to PDF.

Thanks so much for chiming in. I'll mark this post closed. If I can figure out how.


Paul M. Bauer

History Teacher, Beijing

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13 hours ago, PaulMBauer said:

I'll mark this post closed. If I can figure out how.

You can add RESOLVED to the front of the title,.

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