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Craft Creating Notes from an Excel Spreadsheet

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I am trying to create individual notes from an excel spreadsheet.  I did this 1 time about 15 months ago but nothing I seem to do will work.   Here is what I have done so far:

Drag a CSV file from Finder to Evernote Elephant icon on bottom tray Result.  1 note with my cvs file as an attachment in note

Drag Data in Column A (rows 1 - 80) with header or without header record onto Evernote Elephant in Bottom Tray . - Result 1 note with each row in a list under the note title

Drag .Xlsx file onto Evernote Elephant in Bottom Tray - Result - 1 note with File name as Note - and .xlsx file as attachment

I am trying to get each row in column A to be a unique note


Please help!


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21 hours ago, Cre8withJulie said:

I am trying to create individual notes from an excel spreadsheet.

afaik  This is not a feature in Evernote (create individual notes from an excel spreadsheet)
Evernote can create an individual note for each file; but this requires you to convert your speadsheet data to separate files

I have scripted this on my Mac by parsing a .csv file, and could probably import directly from an excel spreadsheet

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A few years ago I converted a spreadsheet into files by using the Mail Merge feature in MSOffice.  Use the spreadsheet as a data file and design the output layout using fields in a Word document.  It's possible (or was then) to save the output to file - I used TXT format,  then added the files to an Import Folder (there are scripting options for Mac).

Obviously proceed cautiously and process a small number of records in a test copy spreadhseet first!

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