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  1. I would like to be able to import excel files into Evernote without needing to use scripts. Each line of the excel file could be a new Note You could provide a template format like the following: Column a = Notebook Name Column B = Note Title Columns C - N = Tags Column O - Z = Comments in Note This would be amazing - but I must admit, I would be THRILLED if you could just upload Notes into a specific Notebook by dragging and dropping an .xlsx or .csv file into a Notebook. If this already exists, I would love to know how! I did this i
  2. I am trying to create individual notes from an excel spreadsheet. I did this 1 time about 15 months ago but nothing I seem to do will work. Here is what I have done so far: Drag a CSV file from Finder to Evernote Elephant icon on bottom tray Result. 1 note with my cvs file as an attachment in note Drag Data in Column A (rows 1 - 80) with header or without header record onto Evernote Elephant in Bottom Tray . - Result 1 note with each row in a list under the note title Drag .Xlsx file onto Evernote Elephant in Bottom Tray - Result - 1 note with File name as Note - and .xlsx f
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