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  1. I was forced to upgrade due to the device limit and I paid for the subscription and paid up till June 2024 but I still keep getting the message that I need to upgrade. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on both my iPhone and iPad which are both up-to-date and software, and also on the website through my PC, but still the same problem, I get a message that I need to upgrade even though I paid for it ready. When I login online it says that my last payment was May 2022, made the payment yesterday. Any ideas?
  2. Same is happening to me. Most recent version of IOS, most recent iPad Pro. Most recent version of Evernote.
  3. I found the answer in the link below. This is not at all intuitive, Evernote! Shouldn't be so hard to encrypt text....
  4. Thanks for both the replies above. How do I change the passphrase. I'm not getting any option to do that?
  5. Hello, on windows 10, with the most recent version of Evernote, I will create an encrypted text, then I will tell Evernote to un-encrypt that note permanently, then I try to encrypt another note and it will automatically default to the passphrase that I used to the previous encryption. I want to be able to have a different password for every encryption and Evernote is not letting me do that. Also, I have tried logging out of the Evernote and then logging back in and that does not seem to work either. I also tried logging out of my other two devices, my iPad and iPhone. It’s so hard to work with the encryption on Evernote! They really should make it a lot easier. Can anyone help me with this?
  6. Same problem, this Is terrible. I use on my iPad 6th generation with latest iOS software update. Evernote took several huge steps backwards with this update. Can someone tell me how to remedy this on iOS? Any way to go back to the previous version of Evernote?
  7. KevinG99: Thank you so much, I tried this and that seems to have solved the problem!
  8. I have Evernote on my windows 10, my iPad, and my iPhone 6 Plus. My iPad and iPhone are both using the most recent version of iOS. I also have the most recent version of Evernote. Whenever I encrypt a note, The encryption works well on my windows, but it does not work well at all on iOS. Sometimes when I am typing in the pass phrase for the encryption on my iOS device, somehow it makes the entire encrypted text disappear. That encrypted text is gone for good. Also, even if it doesn’t disappear, when I try to edit it the encrypted text on my iOS device, I don’t even get a keyboard to show up. It will not allow me to edit that encrypted text. And additionally, sometimes I click on the box to input the passphrase for encryption, and nothing happens at all, The dialog box for the pass phrase input does not come up at all. This encryption problem has been going on for years. Evernote has so many problems at this point, that I am definitely switching over to OneNote or some other alternative. Evernote clearly is not committed to having a good product, or they dont have good technical people working on these type of bugs. I have a Evernote premium so I’m paying a lot and Evernote is not taking care of these problems!
  9. I have the most recent iPad and I just updated to the most recent iOS, and so far things are working… but I will post if I continue having problems
  10. Not true, I have the most recent version of iOS and Evernote and it is still happening.
  11. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Evernote app when I made the original post, so it is the most recent version.
  12. I have been a long-term premium user of Evernote. Unless this freezing of EV every time I open it on my iPad gets fixed, I’ll stop wasting money on a crippled app. It’s that simple.


  13. PinkElephant, i think it it might be the same with mine. But it never used to do this before. We shouldn’t have to erase the search terms to prevent it from freezing. I hope Evernote fixes this.
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