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  1. The search freeze problem went away for a few days this past week corroborating the comment from others that it was fixed. However, the problem reappeared for me starting Thursday 5/16.
  2. When Evernote hangs, it crashes (actually I think iOS kills it judging by the log). However, when I reopen the app, the search field is still populated, so it still winds up hung on the previous search, so the search field *can't* be cleared. However, It seems if I can force kill the app from the iOS app switcher *before* iOS kills it, then when it restarts the search field is empty. Unfortunately searching for a note, switching to Safari/Mail and switching back to the note causing the hang/crash loop seems to be something I tend to do pretty often.
  3. What is the work around to clear the search field when the iOS app hangs on start? i keep getting bitten by this.
  4. Because of the focus issues, I'm finding the windows desktop more and more unusable. It's hard to believe this is considered an acceptable user experience for anyone who actually uses the product. I really need to find an alternative. I use maybe 10% of the basic functionality. I don't spend much time on this forum. Is there a place to vote on issues or other ways to be productive about this? I do appreciate the work around to close the search box, though I know I won't remember to use that.
  5. I posted this in a different thread because it was the top table thread at the time. - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88448-table-editing-is-broken/ The latest evernote for windows 5.9.1. - Can no longer edit existing tables without breaking them. Any edit splits the table into two, with broken rows with the wrong number of columns. Worse, there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it. Once i clicked to another note and back to see if it was just a display problem, the undo history was lost. Tables were buggy before but unusable now. This was a regular table created in evernote, not an excel copy-n-paste.
  6. I've now got a table that is broken in two that I can't repair. Anyone have any ideas for ways to fix it? if I could get at the HTML it would be easy. Also, I can't go back to a previous version of the note, because I'm not a paid user. My incentive for becoming a paid user keeps diminishing because the whole evernote user experience just keeps getting worse. Bugs in basic editing remain for very long periods of time while I get barraged by pop-up ads for features that aren't useful to me. I need to look for a basic alternative that just focuses on note taking with a decent editor for bulleted lists and occasional tables. Will try Google Keep.
  7. Bug report - Latest version - trying to edit an existing table irrepairably breaks the table. You can undo the edit to fix the table as long as you never leave the note. If you switch notes to see if it is just a display problem the undo history is lost and you are hosed. Looking for how to install an older version of evernote.
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