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  1. I get the impression this is an accepted problem.... it has only partly improved as the default photo quality of LARGE is significantly smaller in Bytes than 'Full Size'. I guess like the PDF issue in August a fix will appear within 3 weeks. I think the delay in part is because EN found another problem and genuinely thought it would fix this problem! Obviously the App store approval process does not assist speedy resolution. BUT like many issues here, it would help a lot if we knew the problem is known/accepted and is due to be fixed ASAP.
  2. @PelleRuers I guess we won't here any more as you have probably hit your post limit! LOL
  3. @PelleRuers I'm sorry to hear you are having challenges! In my short experience here when support get a grip, you will have your data back usually in less than 24 hours.
  4. It still works like this in windows so you could try running EN through Parallels?
  5. Thanks for trying further I'll add it to my bug list! (B19) I would report it to support too as they may not be aware - http://evernote.com/contact/support/
  6. Looks like you have the note zoomed as well in that screenshot. I use an iPad 3 when you start to edit if often doesn't show the cursor properly but as soon as you press the first letter it moves and keeps the cursor visible by scrolling the note as appropriate.
  7. Oh I see.. could be because you are using the split keyboard mode. Frankly split keyboard and bluetooth keyboard have multiple issues, its not something they appear to have tested much.
  8. Welcome to the forums. There are quite a few minor bugs... http://discussion.ev...en/#entry178088 Are you zooming the note? Generally if you don't zoom the note and edit the note in full screen mode the note scrolls to keep the cursor visible. It may be an iPad mini specific problem.... As a work around you can undock the keyboard by holding the keyboard symbol (bottom right of keyboard).
  9. @Grumpy are you not able to recreate this problem on your iPad using my instructions or similar?
  10. A slightly more annoying glitch which occurs with a bluetooth keyboard or split screen keyboard. Bring up a note and hold your finger on a word to find other matches for that word within the note.....
  11. To be honest I'm adopting the 'if it aint broke' don't update policy at the moment. I have seen one of the latest EN Windows versions and I wasn't overjoyed about the divider change and the removal of the shared tab. I seem to remember (from other threads) you have to remember to deselect shared notebooks otherwise saved searches search all?.... Anyway agreed Windows is way ahead.... except for a filtered places view in EN4 on the iPhone!
  12. Another minor split keyboard bug. The search within note bar can't make up its mind where it should be located.
  13. @Grumpy LOL I know Windows is a hard sell to Mac users.... (perhaps 'resort' is too strong a word) or perhaps you don't consider yourself a Mac user either? I may have misunderstood the searching question. But I understand in Windows we now have difficulties restricting searches to our own notebooks, tags etc. or have I got that wrong? (I'm still using for fear of the unknown)
  14. @Mark F Some power Mac EN users have resorted to running the Windows version of EN under Parallels to get back much of this functionality and more. You will however need to install a slightly older version of the Windows client to sort the search problem as Windows too in the last month or so has gained this global search feature.
  15. The sync issue is a real pain once it occurs (sync doesn't complete and errors repeatedly) and it seems a bit random as to how and when it resolves! But it seems to be resolved every time, when I power off the iPad (fully) & on again (hold the power button top right) Update - powering off didn't fix it this morning... switched to my 2nd broadband and that sorted it. It's just random?#!
  16. Hi Heather, I'm seeing this as a completely repeatable condition (unfortunately). I'm using iOS 5.1.1 (9B206). - Setup a new free account and login with the latest EN iPad App. - Make sure location services are on and enabled for EN. - Create 6 or so iPad screenshots to the camera roll. - Create a new note using the shortcut key next to recent notes. - Select the camera roll from the top of the new note. - Select the last four, or so, images in the camera roll one after the other perhaps 2 seconds between each. - Close the note within 5-10 seconds. The sync then spins for a few minutes and I get this - Once I have this condition I haven't found a solution other than to delete the note and close the App (by double pressing the home button and holding your finger on the EN icon) and...... eventually it unjams until I do something similar. Update - If I power off the iPad completely and back on it completes the sync. Unfortunately it doesn't stop the problem reoccurring but its a way out! Update - Powering off didn't fix it this morning... switched to my 2nd broadband and that sorted it. It's just random?#!
  17. When syncing a single note with multiple screenshots from the camera roll, with 'location services' on, I am getting recurring sync problems! (as many others have been reporting)
  18. @BlueOak No... Note the different colour to the window and the 'Albums' button and the total notes count, its chalk & cheese!
  19. @Davidlw - Yes! And if you switch back to the free version your theoretical 36 gigs would still be there.
  20. Looks like having location services on/off uses different application code. Not necessarily surprising, although the sort order should be consistent (off - oldest shown / on - newest shown). Skitch manages this when location services are off or on.
  21. LOL this is by design and easily recreated! Go into notebooks and select any notebook or the trash, the title then changes. Now drag the green tab down the screen to reveal the other tabs... The title remains so Notebooks becomes Trash!
  22. @RosscoM I'm not sure that's fair, on Mac and Windows there is ongoing interactions with EN staff. But on iOS it's very quiet! Which in a way is more annoying!?# (thinking about it LOL)
  23. @Metrodon Agreed the Mac client is progressing with the return of a number of features. Jackolicious has been very responsive! BUT whats happening with iOS? I'm sure you've seen my 14+ missing features and 14+ bugs...
  24. @Grumpy have you considered using Windows EN scripts to execute your searches rather than cut and paste. You can even embed the desktop shortcuts into a note - "C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" shownotes /q "notebook:Travel tag:Devon"
  25. You can always adjust the location of a note later (on iPad & iPhone). With EN4 on the iPhone you can also filter the notes to plot on the map.. (Unfortunately we have lost this ability in EN5 at the moment)
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