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  1. Seems a great improvement on the previous - which was unusable due to corruptions etc.
  2. This registry entry works well in the windows client, but its a shame the other clients seem to take no notice (web & ios).
  3. It's missing there is no method, as far as I'm aware, other than using the EN web client in something like the puffin browser app.
  4. To be honest I couldn't find how this feature works/worked... Am I right that you have to edit the tags as if you are are about to delete one? In any case I'll add it to the lost features list.
  5. @Brainbuster What device and version are you using? the current version works fine as far as I can see, the cursor appears where you press.
  6. Check the status/existence of the notes within the web interface (on a PC or MAC) https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.actionAll the notes will revert to what you see there.
  7. @AixiA Welcome... If you uninstall & reinstall the App your unsynced notes WILL BE deleted. Unfortunately in my experience with your issue this is probably the only way you are going to fix it.
  8. OK I was a bit bored this evening so I set about troubleshooting this issue. Uninstalled most of my Apps didn't help.... Reseting the device didn't help. Upgraded to iOS6.1 problem FIXED!!! Tried my test which fails every time and its been fine, three times in a row... So is everybody here still using iOS 5? Obviously not much use if you have an iPad 1!
  9. No its still stuffed. 1st photo synced fine.... 2nd photo 'Sync failed'
  10. Hi Willbert, I'd talk to support as although EN sync on the iPhone/iOS is very unreliable at the moment, usually with closing the app, powering off the iPhone fully or switching to a different Wifi location the sync will complete after a few attempts. Obviously very poor, but it's not a solid issue like you are seeing.
  11. it's not fixed... I wasted 10 mins this morning convincing it to sync 3 notes with 1 photo each from my iPhone. Worked in the end but I've got better things to do.
  12. Wow just shows how little typing I do on the iPhone.... agreed just created an example where every other letter I type the paragraph disappears up off the screen?#! I will add this to my bug list. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32880-ios-evernote-5-loves-lost-fixed-and-broken/page__st__80#entry183024 I use FastEver most of the time, which I guess explains it.
  13. @Chris I suspect this is because they are shared notebooks which I don't think work offline either?
  14. I've added this to my EN iOS bug list (B20). @col3.3 well done for finding a work around.
  15. I get the impression this is an accepted problem.... it has only partly improved as the default photo quality of LARGE is significantly smaller in Bytes than 'Full Size'. I guess like the PDF issue in August a fix will appear within 3 weeks. I think the delay in part is because EN found another problem and genuinely thought it would fix this problem! Obviously the App store approval process does not assist speedy resolution. BUT like many issues here, it would help a lot if we knew the problem is known/accepted and is due to be fixed ASAP.
  16. Thanks for trying further I'll add it to my bug list! (B19) I would report it to support too as they may not be aware - http://evernote.com/contact/support/
  17. Looks like you have the note zoomed as well in that screenshot. I use an iPad 3 when you start to edit if often doesn't show the cursor properly but as soon as you press the first letter it moves and keeps the cursor visible by scrolling the note as appropriate.
  18. Oh I see.. could be because you are using the split keyboard mode. Frankly split keyboard and bluetooth keyboard have multiple issues, its not something they appear to have tested much.
  19. Welcome to the forums. There are quite a few minor bugs... http://discussion.ev...en/#entry178088 Are you zooming the note? Generally if you don't zoom the note and edit the note in full screen mode the note scrolls to keep the cursor visible. It may be an iPad mini specific problem.... As a work around you can undock the keyboard by holding the keyboard symbol (bottom right of keyboard).
  20. @Grumpy are you not able to recreate this problem on your iPad using my instructions or similar?
  21. Hi Heather, I'm seeing this as a completely repeatable condition (unfortunately). I'm using iOS 5.1.1 (9B206). - Setup a new free account and login with the latest EN iPad App. - Make sure location services are on and enabled for EN. - Create 6 or so iPad screenshots to the camera roll. - Create a new note using the shortcut key next to recent notes. - Select the camera roll from the top of the new note. - Select the last four, or so, images in the camera roll one after the other perhaps 2 seconds between each. - Close the note within 5-10 seconds. The sync then spins for a few minutes
  22. We learn something every day. Looks like you just edit the first post and change the topic title! Its not obvious in some browsers, you may need to switch to 'Use Full Editor' (hence confusion).
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