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  1. I understand Evernote focusses a lot on quick and powerful search of all notes in our account. Evernote also provides an option to Highlight strings of text that the user considers is important. however, there is no easy way to fetch these highlighted notes back ( let me know if there is one ! ) Highlighted notes are super important pieces of information in our important notes. Something like show my highlights in all my notes or search within highlighted text only should serve this purpose. This applies to Entire suite of Evernote applications not just the Windows - but my primary device is a Windows Laptop followed by a Mac and Android phone.
  2. Similar story and I was contemplating moving to Google Drive too. Your post is the nudge needed to do so. Thanks !
  3. Having invested in Evernote for couple of years, it really bugs me that the Windows Desktop app has become such a memory hog. everytime I startup the app invariably ends with a 'Not Responding' status for many minutes, syncing is damn slow and scrolling is unpredictable. I've removed the shortcut, and accessing EN exclusively through the Web app that is refreshingly better than the native app ! If this works I might actually uninstall the desktop app and not use EN offline. My questions are : Is EN addressing these issues ? I remember a while ago the CEO promised considerable updates - are the fixes present in any of the betas ? How do we export all the notes in EN in a neutral human readable format ? Do we have an option to export to PDF etc ?thanks.
  4. My premium account expired today and even before I could do anything, the quota for this month expired. Isnt the quota reset monthly ?
  5. Whenever I share a note and there is no network, Evernote crashes. Can't the share request be queued that could later be sent when network connectivity is established ? EN Version
  6. So ( almost everytime ) I hit the sync button in Evernote , I invariably click it another time as it is slow to respond and finally use the menu item to sync my notes. Wondering if others face it too ?
  7. I've created a number of notebooks and have a couple of hundred notes in my account. I use EN for Android, Windows, Skitch, Clearly and Web Clipper. If we could enter more meta information for our notes, tags and notebooks, wouldn't the auto- filing of notes be more accurate ? For example even after organizing notes in tags and folders, many of the clipped notes still land in default notebook ( though there is a dedicated notebook for that article )
  8. Hi Mike, I am aware of this feature. I wanted to cut the step of downloading locally and instead saving it directly in your Evernote account.
  9. Evernote's Clearly saves webpages directly to the account. I typically download documents ( pdfs, ppt's etc ) and then store it ( by uploading ) to my evernote account. Wouldn't it be cool to save a document directly to my account via the download link ? ( valid ofcourse only for docs,pdf's images etc ) ? Is this feature in works ?
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