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  1. Windows Crashed and on opening Evernote I get the error message: Could not open Evernote database CANT_CREATE_TABLE Please verify the path is accessible and try again I had some local notebooks in the database so I don't want to delete everything and sync from server. I have upgraded to Premium for this very issue for a month and raised a ticket Ticket# 935555 I have sent 2 emails to Support. But no human response. Only got an automated response the first time. I'm just trying to manage by using the WebApp and Android app which aren't as functional as I would like. Help! Thanks
  2. Hi. You weren't able to retrieve your local notebooks? I'm facing same issue and I have one notebook which is a local notebook. I haven't done anything yet because I want to be sure I don't mess anything up. Please help me out.
  3. Been experimenting with this. My dialer gets activated on pressing only a ten digit number. Not a digit less/more. Not even if I add a '0' or add the country code. Not sure also if its only ICS specific. May Evernote Employee can comment on this whether this feature is available for EN or only works in ICS. EN 4.1 public Android 4.0.4
  4. This web app does seem to address that. http://evernote.com/trunk/items/colorstache But it would be great if it was incorporated into Evernote natively.
  5. +1 on this!! Much needed feature if Evernote is working towards remembering everything! In my toying around with memory methods I find one needs to engage all our different senses when we learn a particular thing. Much of what we learn would be easy if they are uniquely associated with only that particular topic. But in reality what we learn overlaps with a lot of things we learn later in life and once that overlap occurs we get confused and we forget. So if we could get a note to have color coding we could have a new neuronal association in our brain to help us recall that particular thing. Just my two cents
  6. Yes it does make sense. But maybe an option would be good. Or better when a note gets deleted let there be a pop-up to make the user aware that he has deleted the note. Or even better in the place of that note let it be greyed out with an undo button like sometimes which we see in Facebook. As mentioned, some keyboards have the delete key very close to certain keys we use often. For my case its the home button which I frequent.
  7. +1 for this feature. I can't believe I have so much of my notes accidentally deleted! And it is a waste of time searching through my deleted notes trying to find which ones are accidentally deleted. And to make things worse I have to also consider the notes that I have merged together. The individual notes get deleted and restoring that would be creating a duplicate. For now the only workaround I found was spg SCOTT's AutoHotKey script found here:http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/13384-en4-beta-need-delete-confirmation-for-notes/ Have yet to try it out
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