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  1. Windows Crashed and on opening Evernote I get the error message: Could not open Evernote database CANT_CREATE_TABLE Please verify the path is accessible and try again I had some local notebooks in the database so I don't want to delete everything and sync from server. I have upgraded to Premium for this very issue for a month and raised a ticket Ticket# 935555 I have sent 2 emails to Support. But no human response. Only got an automated response the first time. I'm just trying to manage by using the WebApp and Android app which aren't as functional as I would like. Help! Thanks
  2. Hi. You weren't able to retrieve your local notebooks? I'm facing same issue and I have one notebook which is a local notebook. I haven't done anything yet because I want to be sure I don't mess anything up. Please help me out.
  3. Please help! Windows Crashed and I am facing the same issue. The link provided up here seems to be dead. A search didn't help. Most posts point to search other posts which don't point me to any directions. Thanks
  4. Anyone else facing the same issue? Should I raise a ticket or any solutions?
  5. notebook:AP tag:1-Now or notebook:AP tag:2-Next or notebook:AP -tag:* for untagged inbox items
  6. I think its more to do with offline search. When searching while online, all the notes of that notebook appear for a few seconds before the required tagged notes get filtered. However I face this sometimes when online as well. The search returns all the notes of that notebook and appears to be still trying to search
  7. I'v implemented GTD in my workflow. So I use lots of saved searches which searches for tags like Now, Next, Soon etc. Problem is when I'm offline (sometimes even online like now) and when I click on these saved searches, it doesn't filter out the notes having the tags which I want. Suppose I click on saved search "Now" it is supposed to filter out only the notes tagged with "Now". However many times usually when offline it lists out all the notes of that notebook, which is a mess and not what I want out of that saved search. Any solutions anyone? Anyone faced this issue or am I the only one facing this? Thanks
  8. Alt+Shift+A and Alt+Shift+S no longer work. Is it only me? Moreover the tag search is not the way it used to be before. I have a lot of two word tags (eg. "video lecture", "video demo"). I used to be able to search the second word of the tag if there was a space in between it. eg. On typing demo or lecture I would get the respective tag in drop down list I'm no longer able to search it now. Has there been a change or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Which is the "external app-of-choice" that you use? If I click Create shortcut it creates a shortcut on my homescreen. And having too much on homescreen is a clutter. I thought it would be a note link as in the desktop version which i could access offline.
  10. Just replied to the first response from support. Hoping to get a better solution this time. You can do it two ways: 1.You can open the particular page in CamScanner and press the share button> Evernote-Create note It'll upload as a jpg. Using this you can only upload one at a time. 2.For this I enabled the option "Save image to gallery" in CamScanner options. That way a folder named "images". I can then use my gallery viewer (I use QuickPic) and select the files I want and upload it. Only thing is the images are not arranged according to the documents. I usually upload it immediately so the ones I want will usually be at the bottom (if sorted according to date)
  11. Been really frustrated for a month. Keep getting a note upload failed even with a good speed wifi on my Android. It happens only with photos which I import from CamScanner. Even a single image its unable to upload. Initially I thought it was due to slow connection. Later I checked with dropbox, I would get it uploaded immediately. Then I would import the photos on Desktop client which would also easily upload the note. Submitted a ticket but have got a really useless response. Uninstall - Reboot - Reinstall latest version. Am not going to go through this hassle again since I had just recently done that a week or more ago (just a few days before the latest final public release). I think Evernote for Android uses a different server and maybe they cap the sync speed. Downloading my notebooks for offline takes ages! And uploading images fails all the time. Anyways I wanted to know how many of you experiencing this same problem of syncing? And maybe get a more helpful response from the devs.
  12. Been experimenting with this. My dialer gets activated on pressing only a ten digit number. Not a digit less/more. Not even if I add a '0' or add the country code. Not sure also if its only ICS specific. May Evernote Employee can comment on this whether this feature is available for EN or only works in ICS. EN 4.1 public Android 4.0.4
  13. If I'm not wrong you're asking for this solution which is Evernote support's standard response: *If you are an advanced user, you may preserve your Pending notes by performing the following steps: Mount the SD card to your desktop computer and look in: /sdcard/Evernote/notes/. You'll find a series of subdirectories containing HTML versions of your notes with .enml extensions, as well as images, audio files and any attachments. You can copy this folder to your desktop computer. You will need to rename the .enml files to .html first, then you can open them in your browser and "Clip" them into Evernote. You can copy the image and audio files directly into the desktop version of Evernote.
  14. There should to be a widget you can add to your Home screen which can toggle screen timeout. Not sure what it is called. Maybe power widget.
  15. Not sure if this is a glitch unique for my device.. Yesterday for a while I was just toying around with the same thing and I searched "class of evernote" without the quotes and it popped up on my search results. But strangely only for a few seconds where before my eyes it disappeared. Really puzzling
  16. Hmm not sure if this is android version specific or not. I'm on Ice Cream Sandwich Cyanogenmod. Maybe other 2.3.5 users should comment on this
  17. Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. I am aware of the advanced search operators including asterix and your explanation about fanboy and searching boy wouldn't yield results. In my case I didn't search for of when my note contained Classof without the space in between. My question is when my note has 3 terms and I search for those 3 terms why doesn't it appear in my search results. I think the operator used here would be AND Class AND of AND Evernote Which if I'm not mistaken should yield results when all three search terms are present in the note. And my note does contain all 3. I'm not searching for that particular phrase but I'm searching for a note which contains all the three terms. Had it been if my note didn't contain any one of the terms and I searched for all the three terms without quotes, no results yielded would have been perfectly acceptable. I hope you get what I mean. And moreover Web client and Desktop client are able to search for the note if search for the same (all the 4 mentioned above). Then why this inconsistency in Android?
  18. Highly annoyed with this. Think most of you will be able to replicate this on Android. Create a note with a title of any word. Then add an "of" to it. Try to search for it with the "of" at the end without quotes To illustrate: I created a note titled: Class of evernote Searched: 1.class Note found 2.class of evernote Note missing 3.class of Note missing 4."class of" Note found Not sure if this is in anyway related to android client appending an asterix after every search term
  19. Even my bookmarks in Xmarks is now a mess. Add to that I use Pocket(Previously ReadItLater). So that's a double mess. XD Keep filling in suggestions guys. I'm waiting for the best one so that I can implement it And thanks for starting the thread!
  20. Did you try the Deduplicate tool which is in xmarks web application? It helped me clean out my duplicates due to the same problem. I too have disabled Chrome sync
  21. Did you make sure its C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote and not C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote Try searching for the file LibSQLite.dll I found it in my "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote" folder
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