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  1. I regularly print out recipes to use them in the kitchen but today, it simply refuses to print. Absolutely nothing happens when I click 'control P'. No error message, nothing at all. Just before doing that, I wondered if it would fit into one page, so I clicked 'print preview'. That opens up the document in my pdf viewing software, not in Evernote like it usually does. Okay... Very strange. Another time I tried it, that brought me to a selection of files marked "save as". But there is no "save as" on this menu. Even stranger... I wondered if somehow my preferences had been changed to print to pdf (I certainly didn't do that on purpose). But now, I can't find any menu that lets me change it back. I'd really like to be able to make my cornbread before my guests arrive...
  2. I would also like more detailed instructions for Windows. *To use this beta version: Windows* 1) Disable your existing Firefox Web Clipper version <- HOW? 2) Open new firefox tab 3) Open finder window with location of xpi file and drag and drop this onto any open Firefox window. <- I don't understand what this means. This installs it.
  3. Okay. I at least figured this out. I went to Firefox Addons, uninstalled and reinstalled the Web Clipper. But the problem still persists. This time I had a button to sign in, but once again, it doesn't work. When I click that button, it's as if I clicked that region of the web page and the window disappears. Just did it again, and the window is blank again. All I see is the header: Elephant, Evernote Web Clipper, create an Evernote account. But underneath that, the window is completely blank.
  4. Also, in order to uninstall it, wouldn't I need access to the functionality of the window?
  5. How do I uninstall the Web Clipper? I've been using it for so long, I don't remember ever having to install it.. :-P
  6. I'm on Windows 7, Firefox 26.0 (wow, 26....). I can't tell you what version of the Web Clipper (the window is now completely blank). It happens on every URL. I just tried it on this one. I'm using Firefox in English.
  7. For the last couple of days, the Web Clipper window in Firefox shows up with very strange graying out. Imagine someone dusting the window lightly with flour. Some of the text is partly obscured, and quite a lot of it is completely invisible. When I try to select text on the page then clip it --this was when it still had a button to do that-- the window disappears and nothing is selected. So it's not just illegible, it's simply stopped working I just tried it again to get details for this post --the window appeared with text almost completely gone! Just a couple of vague squiggles to suggest there might have once been words there. I've tried logging out and logging in again. I've tried exiting Evernote on my computer. I've tried rebooting my machine (all cookies are cleared when I do that, so it's a fresh browser), but the problem persists. Please help! I use the web clipper all the time and now it's unusable!
  8. I'm one of those people who "think in outlines" and probably always will. I'm such a devotee, I've even made decisions about upgrading hardware and OS, based on whether they would support my ancient version of Clarisworks. I'm not a Luddite, I just don't want to give up powerful functionality. Simple indentation is not outlining. That just makes text easier to read. The real power of outlining is in the writing --collapsing your text into headers in order to rearrange big chunks of text. If you try to do that with ordinary cut and paste, you can get totally lost in the scroll-scroll-scroll, trying to remember where you wanted to put that text. But once everything is collapsed into headers --you see exactly what you want to do with your text. Slip, bang, done. It - just - works! I've been hunting for a more recent alternative to Clarisworks, but still haven't found anything that will let me convert my hundreds of docs without losing the precious formatting. Any suggestions?... BTW, if you're going to suggest one of the many outline-based task managers, thanks but no thanks. I don't need a bunch of features to help me get things done --I'm already a very happy Toodledo user. What I want is an outliner with for *text editing*. Which brings me back to the topic of this forum thread... I do love Evernote's portability and other fabulous features. But I keep holding back on really using it simply because of the lack of outlining capability. When I saw Cloud Outliner I thought my prayers were answered --until I found out that it's only for iOS I've contacted the developers and they told me they have no plans for a Windows version. No joy in Mudville... There has got to be a developer out there who can write a outliner that will work on Windows and coordinate with EN. Please, pretty please..?
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