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  1. Thanks TWLow, that's what I was wondering!
  2. To Pink Elephant: I wasn't complaining about being "forced" to use a feature, of course not, LOL.... I was wondering if I would be charged more money for that feature when it becomes a paid feature. That's a very reasonable question, I think. The notification I got this morning didn't make that clear, so I posted on the forum to get clarification, a bit of friendly help.
  3. The notice I got this morning says that Tasks is free, for now. Is this like one of those temporarily free subscriptions where they get your payment information, then later on, you're paying for it unless you cancel it? 😞 I actually don't have any use for a task management feature, not at all. I've been happily using other task management software for many years. So when I saw the notice about it on my phone this morning, I said, "Nope. Not for me." Unfortunately, Evernote didn't let me start up the software without clicking yes. I kept restarting it over and over, tried and tried to get Evernote started without clicking that. There was no escaping that dialog box, no way to simply start Evernote without it. Eventually, I think I accidentally did accept. Arrgh! So.. have I inadvertently signed up for a paid feature that I do NOT want? P.S. I have a Premium account.
  4. Thanks for all this detailed information. I really appreciate it.
  5. Believe me, I'd love to upgrade. The problem is some very old outliner software that I've used for many MANY years. Hundreds of really important business and personal documents are in that software. Couldn't find a good replacement for that outliner until recently and I've been laboriously converting them all. That is an enormous job, which i've only been able to do by dribs and drabs. Can't upgrade to Win10 until that's done. I have no idea what it means to run Win7 in a virtual machine. What does that mean? Oh and DUH. It didn't occur to me to login to the web version --THANK YOU for that suggestion! That means I can keep using Evernote until I finish the document conversion and upgrade.
  6. There's a forum discussion for Windows 10 and above. Another one for 6.25 and under. So... what happens to those of us on Windows 7? I'm still on Win7 for complicated reasons. It worked just fine until I had to reboot my computer a few days ago. Suddenly, clicking the desktop icon does absolutely nothing at all. Went on the forum to find out wassup and saw that someone said it only works on Windows 10 now. Whaaa?? I need Evernote for work and this is just awful. Please help.
  7. Okay, when I do that, I don't get every one of the sub-layers of nested tags, as listed in the left panel. I see food, then recipe notebook, then pantry. Just three layers. The sub-tags that I've already nested underneath that level are not listed. It just tells me that I have 44 tags inside of the pantry tag list. If I click pantry, I get that big bucket of tags, not sorted into their previously organized sub tags. In either case, I can no longer add new tags using that panel, so they will be grouped with those tags. I can't edit their names, or rearrange them into sub lists. If I click pantry, I do see the complete list of tags but they're all out of order (sorting by date is COMPLETELY useless to me). In that big bucket, all I can do is delete them. It appears there's no way to rename or move tags at all.
  8. Here's all my tags in the "pantry" tag list, which has some sub-tags, for example 'extracts', which includes almond extract, anise extract, etc. But those are all in one big bucket, out of order.
  9. That's not what I've got. This is what I'm looking at. These are all the tags I've got for cooking vinegars.They're not organized into sub tags.
  10. From what I can see, the only thing we can actually do in the tag panel is delete tags. We can't add any new ones, we can't rename the ones that are in there. We can't change their order, or nest them under other tags.
  11. The left panel at least does display the hierarchy of tags that got nested under other tags in the previous version of Evernote. In the tag panel, none of that hierarchy is visible, so moving things around in that hierarchy isn't possible. So... am I missing something useful in the tag panel? Why did you suggest I look at it that way?
  12. The tag panel is, IMHO, a total mess. When I tried clicking the top header of all my food tag, the result includes tags that have nothing to do with food. All the tags are dumped into one big bucket, completely out of alphabetical order. When I click the sort button, that has no effect at all in the order they are displayed. Click by name going up? Nothing happens. Click by name going down? Nothing happens. Why give us a sort button if it does nothing at all? These tags are not organized by subtags in that panel. The filters are absolutely useless for my purposes. I don't care about when the tags were created or whether they include audio files. I want to sort them by NAME, like A. B. C. Why should that be so hard? We can only see a half dozen tags at a time in that panel, and there's no way to drag and drop in that list at all. The left panel is at least easier to read than that, although the drag and drop apparently doesn't work any more. So it appears we can only create new tags in one huuuuuuuuuge unsorted list now. Yet one more very useful feature, lost in this version of Evernote.
  13. TashR, I'm discovering exactly the same problem. It looks like we can pick them up to drag and drop them under other tags. The icon for that tag appears to move up and down. But for some reason when we drop, the tags stay in exactly the same place as before. Is there something I'm missing on how to do this now? FYI, gazumped, I'm on Windows 7.
  14. I don't see this filtering option on the mobile version of iOS. Is it just on Mac laptops? I cook with an iPad in the kitchen --or at least I used to...
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