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only a small fraction of notes (on iPhone) are being displayed within each tag

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This is the exact same problem I had a few years ago with my desktop version of Evernote and now it's happening on my phone. I'm not seeing this problem on any of the other platforms (desktop, tablet, web). It's the phone app that is not working correctly. I recently updated the iOS to 17.3.1.

Here's what's happening:
I click a tag on my phone. Instead of showing me all the notes filed under that tag, it only shows me *some* of them. For example, the tag "teff flour" only has 36 notes in the iPhone app. On all other platforms (desktop, tablet, web) that tag has 51 notes. Since I use the phone app quite a lot, that means I have to resort to complicated searching, instead of simply clicking the tag.

I'm *guessing* that uninstalling and reinstalling the Evernote app might take care of this. Is that a good idea? Would anything be damaged by doing that?


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Log out, close the client, uninstall, if asked dump all data.

Make a forced restart of the iPhone, reinstall, open, log in.

The only thing you loose  temporarily are notes downloaded for offline use. But they will be recovered from the server after reinstalling, if you want the download.

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