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  1. Yup, so It is going to be the App Store version because that is sandboxed to some extent. Already opened support ticket. Thanks!
  2. @DTLow - do you have the App Store version on Mac or a direct download? I assume you don't have the same PDF saving issue right?
  3. , and I won't be upgrading edit: (For the Charlton Heston analogy, see here) Wait, WHY? They would decrease it even though they are using electron which should carry the same functionality across the systems right?
  4. Is there a way to search for all tags containing a word? For example, this picture above shows two tags containing the word inventory but when I start typing "inv", I get the following reuslts Any and all suggestions appreciated. Currently loving Evernote!
  5. Hi @Akreet Support team! I just saw your video, is it still being developed?
  6. Catalina like yours 10.15.4 and Evernote v7.14. Is the applescript public?
  7. Tried using "Save" in the menu, still brought up save location box. And, yes, 10.15.4 Catlina and Preview version 11.0 (999.4) and Evernote is the App Store version but it is 7.14 as well - this is what I got on the app store version - version 7.14 (458265 App Store) Sorry about the delay in response, I have an extension that prevents me from using the reply box that I had to troubleshoot.
  8. Exactly what I am doing - transition to as many notebooks as needed. I am very curious about your setup, have you shared it somewhere? And, the excel export, how would I best do that?
  9. I do that too. But when I press Cmd+S, I get this - which informs me the file is not saving back to evernote.
  10. hey guys! So I am just starting to actually use Evernote in a responsible way 😇. If I open a PDF in preview using the eye icon on the PDF and press CMD+S to save, it offers me a place to save it. Expectation is that open in a pdf viewer/editor (like preview) and edit and press Save and it saves back to the file in the note. I am expecting this behavior based on posts in Evernote for Windows and Mac.
  11. Hey @DTLow - Thanks for that! I was hoping for a visual look so when you open a notebook and see the notes, you can get a quick view of what's there rather than having to click on the tag.
  12. Hey guys, So I think I have to review how folks use tags versus notesbook and I am now starting to get it somewhat. Lesson: Focus on less notebooks, more tags. Use tags to organize and label. Idea: When going to a notebook, be able to scroll through all tags used in that notebook Why?: Provides an insight into what all may be in that notebook and you can re-discover content you may have missed or mislabeled or misplaced Caveats: I have a notebook called "File Cabinet" and in it I store everything I collect from the series of tubes (i.e the interwebs). News articles, inspirational stories etc. This one would definitely need a scrollable list of tags used and that would be immensely helpful. Ask from other users: Please direct me to posts that you have found helpful in organizing yourself or feel free to DM.
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