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  1. I like the way the WordPress editor works these days. When you are typing you have a clean canvas But you just need to select one block and then you'll see the options. There you have the options you need to give format to the content, and the option to change the kind of content (p, h1, h2, order list, youtube video)
  2. You are completely right about the web clipper, I love it! What I meant about the four years is more related with the Windows version. Here is a screenshot of the current Windows version (I have access to the windows beta version, and I know it'll get better): As you can see there is no way to format a header (H1, H2, H3), at least not that I know, the format toolbar and the menu bar look old school, don't they? But as you said It looks like they are trying to bring all the versions closer to the web version and those are good news. And again, I'm crossing fingers bec
  3. My intentions were not to address the Evernote's team but to know the expectation of other users and if there were more people like me that are between nervous, exited and a little bit tired of waiting. For the communication with Evernote's team I am part of the on the Beta testing for Windows which is the platform I use the most and I give my honest feedback. That's the way I think I can help.
  4. The lack of news and information about the so anticipated upcoming changes plus the delay have gotten me worried. I've been a user of Evernote for around 10 years now, I started as a free user but the last two years I start paying. But since then I also became a "Productive Apps" enthusiastic and have learn about some other note taking apps, from that learning I can say Evernote's current version is at least 4 years behind its competitor. Now, I'm just waiting for the new features and changes to be a good reason to keep using it, because today I keep the account only because I already pai
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