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  1. I like the look of the s1300i as well Druid. There are so many and the prices very so much. The ix500 is over 600, but your s1300i is half the cost. I will have to do some research. The ix1500 looks nice as well.
  2. I guess my questions are more about what a good system is to put in place, and what I really need to keep? Do I really need to scan and save all my utility bills? I don't plan on deducting purchases on my taxes so do I really need to scan every receipt I have. I was going through our storage room a couple days ago and found a box of papers. It had bank statements from 2008 that were never even opened. I mean come on, who really needs that? I
  3. Thanks for that advise, but I've read GTD and I don't see anything in there that will help me what learning how to take my office paperless.
  4. I'm a big fan of Steve Dotto and would do anything to take his course Paperless Office Made Easy. However money is tight with no one working these days and I just don't have the 250.00 to take it. is there anything on Youtube or online you all can suggest for someone who wants to learn?
  5. I'm just finally taking the time to learn about paperless office. I already do the shredding and get most of my stuff electronically, but what I don't know is about scanning. What do you all scan and what do you just toss? I already scan paper notes and other things that I want to keep for future reference but what else do you all scan? Do I need to keep my bills once they are paid like my parents did or is that just for proof that they were paid in case the try to come back and say we still owed? Does anyone know of a good scanner that will scan both sides of a document at o
  6. Catsknit, I use Legacy and Evernote as well. One thing I found helpful is a book called "How to use Evernote for Genealogy". Yes it's an older book, and the screen shots are not valid anymore, but I still think it's a valid tool for us to have. The concepts are the same, and it's not hard to find how to do it in the newest version. Check it out. I love it. Plus the author is a member of the facebook group EverNote Genealogy. https://www.amazon.com/How-Evernote-Genealogy-Step-Step-ebook/dp/B0178M3LZS/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2LSKDCMBRJNYZ&dchild=1&keywords=how+to+use+evernot
  7. I have to say, Evernote is my favorite tool as well. I've looked at aspects and said "Why am I using Evernote when I can use Onenote for free?" or "Why pay 70.00 for Evernote when Notion is only 40.00?" I let my mind take over and say "I'm not renewing my subscription, I'm going to do it this way instead". That's always a BIG MISTAKE. I always find myself getting into the new system then missing the little things that Evernote did better or does that this system doesn't, and I wind up returning to Evernote. I've done this for the last five years, and I think I FINALLY learned my less
  8. Good point. I was not aware of this thanks.
  9. This might already be a thing but I'd like the ability to put things side by side without the use of Tables. If I had a table that when one cell gets longer, the cell next to it also gets longer which is not something I'd like to do. A lot of my notes have wasted space on the right that I think could be used up instead of putting stuff underneath.
  10. Great advise from Dave. First thing I would do is change your password and tell Evernote to Unsync all devices. This way you can resync only your devices with your new password.
  11. I'm a little late coming on the whole Dashboard Idea. I never really saw the need for one until I started using Evernote for my ministry. Is there a good tutorial on how to set one up?
  12. You are correct. OneNote is free but if you don't have an office365 account you are only allowed a total of 5gb of storage on OneDrive. If you eat that up with other things, your OneNote space is limited.
  13. Sorry if some of this is duplicate. I haven't read all the posts yet. 1. Evernote tagging is top notch. With OneNote you are not as free to add custom tags as you are in evernote. 2. The search function works better in Evernote than in OneNote. I can even search PDF documents and pictures which last time I was in OneNote, it did but not as well. 3. Mobile aspects for Evernote are great. When you use OneNote on a mobile device you have to scroll left and right to get the information to show. It won't adjust for the size of the screen. 4. Mail to Evernote allows me to s
  14. Agreed. I did that with Evernote five years ago and loved it ever since. I've tested out OneNote, and Notion, but find that Evernote is the one that fits me the best.
  15. To the original poster. I know if you click on "Tags" you will see a list of all the tags you have. Either next to or under the tag name you will see a number. That represents the number of notes with that tag. I know that the Windows desktop, Online, and Android version does this. Can anyone speak to the iOS version?
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