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  1. Sorry but How do such huge bugs make it to the general release ? As soon as I updated my notes were riddled with rendering errors. not small things. Isn't that what the betas are supposed to be for?
  2. This guy pops in to tell us to use this thread and upvote, clearly the EN community cares a great deal about this, yet the EN staff is never heard from again on the issue... Classic EN. Just can't listen to their users to save their lives, it's exasperating.
  3. lpr

    Selective Sync

    I have been thinking the same thing for at least 5 years.... They supposedly give us this generous upload limit when you get premium, which I have had for 5 years, but really they KNOW you really can't use any of it if you have the desktop app installed. In 2017 it's getting pretty irritating. I'v started uploading most things to google drive now because of this. NOT COOL EVERNOTE. I really have to say, I never had such a love-hate relationship with any other product. On the one hand I am rooting for them because I love the app and use it a lot, but it seems like they are intent on not listening to their costumers which is infuriating and really dumb.
  4. Yes, but just the fact that there are sync issues or that the editor is buggy is really problematic for me as this is the baseline usability of the app and also pretty much its core function : put stuff in, sync it to the cloud and retrieve it later... My point is that it makes no sense for the staff at EN to be working on anything else if they can't get this to work properly... Reminders? haha interesting, . I use them as a way to pin things to the top of my notes but never actually set them to specific times.
  5. What I am saying is: this seems like a software problem that can be easily fixed.
  6. What is Instant sync? the most frequent option I have on mac OS is every 5 minutes! ...
  7. Also, since I'm at it... and in case anyone is paying attention...Have you guys not been paying attention to the press coverage you have been getting? It's pretty much just been intensely negative for years. You changed management... people were hoping you guys would try to listen to feedback but its been a long time and still the same tone deafness... Honestly , the only reason I am still using (and paying) for the app is because I WANT it to work, because I have so much data tied to the app and have no desire to switch. But I wished you guys would listen, it's beginning to feel like you don't care because you've figured out that longtime users are unlikely to switch because they have a lot invested in the app so you can forget about them and focus on trying to take over the corporate world. That's really insulting and not the kind of relationship I want to have with a company I entrust with my "digital brain'. Wake up!
  8. I have the exact same issue. I avoid ever opening EN on my iPhone because I just know I'm gonna end up with a sync conflict. It never misses... Also, MANY bugs on the mac OS version and they never get fixed with updates: one very annoying one is that when entering text in the "Find a tag" field in the filter by tag area, when I write suddenly disappears after a couple letters and I have to start the word again a few times before it works... God knows why... What I'm wondering is... Is it POSSIBLE that you guys are unaware of these issues?
  9. But WHY? If Apple Note can sync in real time why can't EN? And are you saying it's normal that I get sync conflict pretty much every time I access a note on my phone? I honestly never use EN on my iPhone because I know its gonna create a sync conflict. it never misses... This is just not satisfactory.
  10. Seriously... every single thing The Evernote Corporation does seem to be 1) mostly about boosting sales and 2) alienating their longtime, faithful, core user base... How big is the marketing team? is it bigger than the programming team? I would love to see Evernote stop creating unnecessary sync conflicts in my notebooks, I would love to be able to work on a note on 2 devices and see the changes mirrored instead of the total meltdown it creates right now. Isn't this what you should be working on? Seamless work across devices? An experience free of bugs and conflicts and data loss? The decisions at this company are exasperating. And yet I'm hoping you figure your stuff out because I have a lot invested in this app.... I just want it to WORK.
  11. heum... So we are stuck with sync conflicts every time we leave a note open in one place and make a modification on another device? Really not ideal... Would love to see this addressed.
  12. I don't understand why EN doesn't sync/autosave a note across devices in "real time" like any other modern app (think apple note or Google docs). If I have a note opened on two screens and I make a modification in one I will always end up with a sync conflict instead of both screen updating in "real time". This is the bane of my existence as I tend to work across devices and those sync conflicts are a pain and also scary as I always fear that some data might be lost. I have been plagued by this issue for years. What's up Evernote? Am I the only person with this problem?
  13. At this point I'v kind of lost Hope. I hate to be cynical but how is it possible that Evernote is ignoring this overwhelming uproar from its paying members. It's utterly insulting to be told you will address these issues in the upcoming update to just to be left with the exact same UI... I had to completely delete all my EN data from my main computer, reinstall a version of EN 5 and re-download all my data, which is really a drag, and I have noticed inconsistencies between my old notes and these newly re-downloaded ones so that's not giving me much trust into your engineering either... Meanwhile I use the new version on my laptop to keep an eye on when you will fix the problem but update after update, still the same horrible Ui and no customization in sight .. Seriously, what are you guys doing? Thinking? What's going on?
  14. How did you do this? I'm trying to run the older version and it's telling me that my EN data is managed by a newer version . How can I bypass this?
  15. Ok so the new mac EN6 is a UI catastrophe. I think it's really time for a color customizable interface for the Mac, something like the ADOBE products where the interface can be darkened . I personally need a darker interface than this white on white new UI, I'm going to go blind. Please join this plea and hopefully it will be heard. ps: I'm trying to run the older version and it's telling me that my EN data is managed by a newer version . How can I bypass this?
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