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  1. That about sums it up. This is most likely because Evernote has moved away from being an enterprise work tool to positioning itself as a basic note manager. It's frustrating to watch them come up with new features that people are no asking for when some of the core problems (such as syncing data) continues to be a problem at times. They simply were not getting enough people to pay them money. When you give stuff away there is less value.
  2. Not sure if you all remember TuneUp Media (the program that would clean up your MP3 collection and add tags and artwork, etc), but this reminds me of them. They came out with a "big" 3.0 update and everything feel apart. For them, I think EVERY customer had problems with the release. People were losing years of work and data. It was bad bad bad. It got so bad they ended up selling the company to some of the employees. I'm not sure they ever pulled through it. Very interested case study and read though (but painful experience for those of us who went through it): https://www.networkworld.
  3. >It seems to be 16 which is too small Larger than 16??? Wow, that is very unfortunate for your eyesight to be that bad. You may need a bigger monitor and reduce the resolution. That makes everything larger.
  4. I do not like that everything in v10 is larger as though it's for people with vision issues. The font is larger, the menu is larger. All of this requires a lot more scrolling to see stuff I could previously see before. All of our text changes from Tahoma 10 to some over font size 16. I've noticed this on two different machines that we us. I've downgraded back to v6 on each and the correct font is there. If others install v10 and some are using v6, does that mean we are going to have two different font styles and types? Why not keep the font size as it was? Why change it to
  5. I do not like v10 either. I've downgraded two machines after they decided to upgrade automatically. v10 is great for grocery lists and small items but I think making it prettier was considered more than function. But to me Evernote has been going down hill for some time. We moved most everything to ClickUp in January and it's been great. We were losing too much data and too many issues with "can you move focus from note so I can add notes" issues.
  6. I too have this same issue. I updated from some version of 6.19 to 6.20 because there was a bug fix that I needed. I'm not sure what happened but it locked up about 6 times within 3 hours and at that point I went back to 6.19. I started with a new DB (was 14GB) and uninstalled. Still the same issue after all of that. Did the same again and went to 6.18. It's better but not even close to as good as it was before I started the upgrade process... and before then it still wasn't great. Nearly all of my list use bulleted lists since they are checklists. My developers really want me
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