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  1. This issue is fixed for me since updating the app. Thanks guys! You wasted your time doing that. The only difference between Windows 7 and 10 in terms of usability is the start menu. You could have just installed Start10 to have a Windows 7 start menu in Windows 10.
  2. I'm also having this issue with the duplicate icons. No other app is presenting the same issue in Windows 10 for me. Yeah I remember having the problem frequently with iTunes back when I still used it, but that was always a quick fix. You basically just had to play around with pinning and unpinning the icons separately until it worked. Nothing I do will get this Evernote icon to stop duplicating itself though.
  3. This issue is really bothering me, so I created an account here just to ask for help. I installed Windows 10 Pro today and Evernote is the only app that isn't behaving normally. The app itself is fine, but when open it produces a second icon in the taskbar. If you pin either icon they are both pinned, and the same with unpinning either one. I have tried pinning the .exe in the Evernote directory to no avail. When Evernote isn't open, only one icon is present in the taskbar. But once opened the second annoying icon appears, whether or not Evernote is a pinned app.
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