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  1. How did you know that? My desktop client on 10.6.9 was reporting no available updates, but when I went to just download the installer it was indeed 10.7.6. So glad to finally be able to use Evernote 10. This spell checker nonsense has been ridiculous.
  2. Evernote is just getting sadder and sadder. How can a ridiculous thing like this make it into the update, after the months and months of unhappy users? I assume there was zero testing. Does Evernote still not give half a damn about the quality and pace of their development?
  3. It's beyond disgraceful that this feature wasn't available when the new version launched, and even more so that it still hasn't been added. I genuinely wonder if Evernote is in so much trouble as a company that they have a random dude on Fiverr managing their entire development.
  4. I truly can't wrap my head around how slow the pace of development is. Is Evernote in so much trouble these days that they have one developer?
  5. Do what the rest of us are doing and switch to Nimbus Notes. Lifetime discounted account is available on AppSumo right now.
  6. I think they just don't want to admit that they totally botched their platform update, and fundamentally don't understand Evernote's value proposition. Think about it: 1. Evernote increased their pricing to exclude casual users. Their entire userbase consists of people who are damn serious about note taking and clipping. 2. They then release a major update across all platforms that removes all advanced features. Just try and wrap your head around how clueless the CEO must be for that sequence of events to happen.
  7. The lack of engagement from Evernote management is shocking. The message is clear: we don't care about what our users want, we care about what we want. Every person I know who uses Evernote has moved away or is discussing the best alternatives to Evernote. Evernote removed basically everything that made their platform great.
  8. Evernote has already said that the Legacy edition won't be kept around indefinitely. Considering what a red flag v10 is for Evernote as a company, and how in tune they are with the needs of their target market, I've already bought the lifetime Nimbus Notes account on Appsumo. All the features that matter to me are available there.
  9. Yes, I have found a very effective workaround: Go to AppSumo and buy the lifetime account for Nimbus Notes.
  10. I agree that it's time to start looking at alternative options to Evernote. The Evernote management is utterly clueless and if they're happy to release a beta release to the public that is objectively worse than the previous version, then there is no reason to hold out confidence and remain with this product.
  11. Thank god for this. Busy installing version 6 now. 10 is unusable imo. It's basically the beta but released to the public.
  12. It doesn't seem like any of the grievances from the beta were addressed for this public release. I just manually installed it, and what a mistake that was. I can't even disable spellcheck because the entire preferences menu is gone (at least in Windows), rendering many of my notes unreadable thanks to the red lines everywhere. I'm going to start looking for an alternative to Evernote. It's not just that there are issues - those can be fixed. It's the fact that the beta was pointless and feedback was not acted upon. This is not a company I trust with a product that is so critical to my life.
  13. It is distressing that multiple beta updates have occurred without such a simple feature being added. Thanks for your input. In my opinion, Evernote should not be inviting users to participate in a beta when the software is better described as in an alpha state. If much needed updates haven't occurred yet I assume they will take much longer to arrive. I'll uninstall the beta then and reinstall the regular Evernote app.
  14. I installed the beta today, and I see I cannot access Evernote preferences anymore in the Windows app. I want to disable the spell check because it has been enabled suddenly and is making the entire app borderline unusable to me. Red lines everywhere make for a deeply unpleasant experience. Even if it was possible to add items to the spell checking dictionary, the nature of my work would make that a pointless endeavor. Can this please be updated urgently? I find it absurd that such a basic setting is not available. I've looked around my online account settings and the app's options, and I see nothing to this effect. 'Save data at log out' is the only preference for the app. App details: v6.19.0 1643 beta Editor: v107.1.13786 Service: v1.19.6 OS: Windows 10 Pro (2004, 19041.450) Evernote tier: Premium Thanks. Regards, Bryn.
  15. This issue is fixed for me since updating the app. Thanks guys! You wasted your time doing that. The only difference between Windows 7 and 10 in terms of usability is the start menu. You could have just installed Start10 to have a Windows 7 start menu in Windows 10.
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