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  1. A tag can be placed under shortcuts (eg by dragging it there) - whether there are notes with the tag or not. (Good!) However, if I remove that tag from all notes, then the tag is automatically removed from the shortcuts. (Bad!) The tag shortcut should remain whether there are notes with the tag or not.
  2. Seems to happen consistently now. Once I have used CMD + J and selected one of the results, any use of CMD (eg CMD + C) after that activates the 'Switch to...' feature as if CMD + J had been used. Restarting app fixes.
  3. Sometimes pressing COMMAND triggers the 'Switch to...' feature as per COMMAND + J . Only happens sometimes, and I see no pattern suggesting why except as below. Very annoying when trying to copy and paste! Application restart fixes the issue - and I think it only occurs if I have previously used COMMAND + J since application opened. Occurring on two different machines
  4. answering my own question... reverse alphabetic order. What a silly default! IMO results should be ordered by reverse updated timestamp, ie most recently updated first
  5. Can someone explain how the search results are ordered on the Mac v10 app? The order makes no sense to me - they're not ordered by created date or updated date, and certainly not by relevance (unless what the developers have deemed relevant bears no resemblance to what I would).
  6. I do a search using the search box, e.g. "altruism". And note/s with that word in both title and text do not appear the results, though those notes are available. It's not the first time I've had trouble with the search in v10 There is nothing I can see that is special about the note. There is text and there are pasted images. Very frustrating. Using 10.12.6 (latest)
  7. With v10 it is no longer possible to indent images. I use indented paragraphs a lot to express hierarchical dependencies between bits of information. Often I want to include images in those subordinate paragraphs, but images cannot be indented.
  8. Currently indenting only works when the cursor is at the beginning of a line. Outdenting works from anywhere within a line.
  9. When attempting to open audio recorded on the Android Evernote app, the file opens as a text file (they have no extension). To play requires saving the file and opening in a audio player (e.g. VLC)
  10. This has occurred four or five times on Evernote for Mac 10.1 or 10.2 (10.2.4) since v10 went public. When editing a note, some error in syncing will cause the note to be duplicated and I receive the notification "We found more than one version of {Note Title}. You can view the alternate here." This then requires me to compare the notes to establish the desired note with all edits. Never had this problem in the <10 version. Long-time heavy user. I have minor complaints with v10 (the only other major one being it's relative slowness), and really appreciate some of the new features, but surely the sync should be reliable!
  11. When opening a note via the search field, the note opens up in the main window occupying the whole right of the screen, hiding the note list. I don't see the point in having the note occupy so much screen real estate (it makes your notes difficult to read because of the very long line length), but more importantly I lose my list. In order to go back to it I have to select a notebook. Would be nice also if when opening a note via the search field that a keyboard shortcut could be used to open the note in a new window rather than main window. Perhaps unimportant should you get the CMD+J feature from the old app back.
  12. Keyboard shortcuts for each of the text styles ('Large Header' etc). Can find no documentation indicating they already exist.
  13. Not 100% that it's consistent, but I just discovered that when opening a result when the main window is active, the note opens in the main window. However, if opening the result when a secondary window is open the note opens in a new window (as wanted).
  14. When using the 'switch to' feature (CMD + J), and selecting an item from the results, the note loads into the main Evernote window. Is there a way to open it in a new window instead? eg via holding down an additional key?
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