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  1. Just in the past few days Evernote seems to be consuming huge amounts of power on my macbook. Activity Monitor shows an average impact of 60. Any suggestions on what might be the cause, or how to troubleshoot? Latest Evernote client 7.10 on Mojave 10.14.4
  2. +1 I've been using Evernote since 2007 and am very happy with the product except the lack of multiple highlighting colours. Please! I regularly try out other note-taking products for two reasons: Evernote's pricing and the lack of multiple highlight colours. Evertool is potentially great but just too clunky as an external application.
  3. Recently (this is only a new problem), when making edits in the Android client, I lose all formatting in the edited note (I've only discovered this later when revisiting the note on my synced Windows client). THis is terribly frustrating requiring me to go back to prior versions, import, then find the edited content. Thus, for present, I am using the Android client only for viewing. Anyone else having this problem? I am using updated versions (not Beta) for both clients. Richard.
  4. Sorry, I am using Windows desktop version on a Win7 PC. Have tried uninstalling, reinstalling and downloading (syncing) with server to no avail.
  5. Sometimes when doing a spellcheck (F7) and correcting a mispelled word, what follows the newly corrected word is forced to a new line (as if "Enter" were pressed). I think this may only happen when the content is indented (but only sometimes). Very annoying!
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