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  1. Hi gazumped, I appreciate your perspective on this, but I genuinely believe that having bookmarks in Evernote would be a significant enhancement for many users. As someone who strives for organization and deals with an extensive collection of notes, the ability to bookmark specific content within a document is more than just a luxury—it's a practical necessity. In my experience, using Microsoft OneNote at work has highlighted the efficiency that bookmarks bring to the table. It's not just about having a feature for the sake of it; it's about streamlining our workflow and making the most out of the powerful tool that Evernote is. Imagine a lengthy note where you've meticulously documented various details, and you need to quickly refer back to a specific section. Bookmarks make this process seamless and save valuable time. This feature is not just an option in other applications; it has become a standard, and Evernote, being the fantastic platform that it is, should keep up with these expectations. I believe suggesting improvements is a testament to our appreciation for Evernote and our desire to see it evolve into an even more versatile and user-friendly tool. Let's advocate for enhancements that can benefit everyone in the Evernote community.
  2. All understand. I used to do a daily, weekly, monthly notes, but I like the way I am doing it as a pending/active list all in one. It really does work well, but would be great to have the Bookmark links at the top.
  3. We love Evernote and just want to use it to the maximum potential. Through the years notes can grow and become essential and detailed. We can create internal links in MS Word and OneNote which help navigate a long Note. For example I keep a Note for all my annual activity by topics. That Note grows long through 12 months, but is very helpful to get an overview of what I have done through the year. I have separate notes for topics that I can link into this document, but I would like to have links to navigate within the long Note.
  4. I love Evernote and actively use Internal Note links in my Notes. I have not been able to create links to sections in a long Note like I can in MS Word or OneNote. This would be a great organizational enhancement.
  5. I have been trying to find out how to sort notes in a notebook by Title/Reverse Alphabetical Order without changing all my notebooks to that sort order. I tried a Chat with support here and the rep could not understand what I was asking. I simply want unique sort order per notebook. Here is my example: Daily Activity Notebook: Sort Title by Reverse Alphabetical order. Go to another notebook: the notes are sorted by Reverse Alphabetical order. Sort notes in that Notebook to Title/Alphabetical order Notes in Daily Activity Notebook are now in Alphabetical order. MacBook Pro Catalina/Evernote 7.14
  6. Don't count on it! I stopped counting on it years ago.
  7. DTLow, I don't care how YOU use Evernote. You always discount user requests. Please stop discounting our valid requests like you are the Evernote Guru that controls everything.
  8. I gave up after several years of asking Evernote to improve margins and page formatting. Apparently they don't understand or don't think it is a big deal. I love Evernote and have close to 4,000 notes. I don't bother creating documents in Word anymore. It is always frustrating when I need to print an Evernote. To be clear, it is better printing from the browser, but there is not control of margins or page formatting on the Mac. It just requires an extra step to log into Evernote on the web to print. As a premium member, I expect to see Evernote respond to our suggestions and requests instead of being ignored.
  9. DTLow, I wish you would stop telling us printing is not important just because it isn't to you. Obviously you don't copy and paste between Evernote and Word the way we need to. Formatting and images do not easily transfer and it is frustrating spending time cleaning up the Word file just to print what we created in Evernote. Since you are an expert/guru please use your influence to help them see they are ignoring their valued users.
  10. Thanks for sharing what I have been saying for years. Some "experts" on this forum don't get why printing is important. These "Notes" replace many spreadsheets and documents and it would add great value to the program if we were able to simply print without huge margins. There isn't anything else that works so well so they need to fix it.
  11. EdH, Evernote doesn't care about our request to improve margins. It is the only complaint I have about this great program and have been asking for it for several years.
  12. Thank you for another request for fixing printing even though Evernote apparently doesn't consider it important.
  13. Another vote for improved printing. PLEASE!
  14. Thank you. I was aware of that option, but sometimes it would be helpful to talk to a person since it is hard to explain clearly by typing. I completed a chat to confirm that I can downgrade to PLUS and maintain my PREMIUM subscription until the FEB 2019 renewal. Hopefully, by then they will have the plans figured out and implemented customer feedback.
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