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  1. DTLow, I wish you would stop telling us printing is not important just because it isn't to you. Obviously you don't copy and paste between Evernote and Word the way we need to. Formatting and images do not easily transfer and it is frustrating spending time cleaning up the Word file just to print what we created in Evernote. Since you are an expert/guru please use your influence to help them see they are ignoring their valued users.
  2. Thanks for sharing what I have been saying for years. Some "experts" on this forum don't get why printing is important. These "Notes" replace many spreadsheets and documents and it would add great value to the program if we were able to simply print without huge margins. There isn't anything else that works so well so they need to fix it.
  3. EdH, Evernote doesn't care about our request to improve margins. It is the only complaint I have about this great program and have been asking for it for several years.
  4. Thank you for another request for fixing printing even though Evernote apparently doesn't consider it important.
  5. Another vote for improved printing. PLEASE!
  6. Thank you. I was aware of that option, but sometimes it would be helpful to talk to a person since it is hard to explain clearly by typing. I completed a chat to confirm that I can downgrade to PLUS and maintain my PREMIUM subscription until the FEB 2019 renewal. Hopefully, by then they will have the plans figured out and implemented customer feedback.
  7. "We believe gathering customer feedback will help determine what those needs are." I have posted previously, but want to ask a serious question and provide feedback as requested without being lectured by a certain SuperGuru who always responds about getting off topic or drifting or why would anyone need that feature. I would appreciate an official response from an Evernote Employee instead of speculation. First, I love Evernote and have created thousands of notes since 2009. My Premium Subscription has increased from $45 to $69.99 and we don't know exactly what to expect in the future. If I am interpreting this announcement correctly, I can downgrade to Plus for $34.99/year at this time and maintain Plus indefinitely unless EN comes up with another subscription offering? My Premium subscription will remain in effect until the next billing in February? I don't see enough advantage to paying twice as much for Premium, but I hadn't questioned it until this announcement. One of the Premium features is "Enhanced Customer Support" so can someone please explain what that means? As far as needs, the only feature I want added, along with many other users, is improved printing. I don't understand why it can't be added in spite of being told printing is not important or being ignored. That should be a standard feature, but I would be more willing to pay the Premium price if it was fixed. Thanks for a great program and I look forward to it's continued success and evolution!
  8. Yes, it should be a standard feature included in any version that is offered.
  9. For your information, I have posted in forums and voted for the feature. This original post includes the statement "We believe gathering customer feedback will help determine what those needs are." I was simply providing my Premium customer feedback to help identify a need since they asked. Thank you for your constant monitoring and interest in the forum.
  10. Mr. DTLow, It is a great program and I commented here to provide feedback because as a Premium Member, if EN is going to re-evaluate their plans they should add features such as printing to the Premium plan. We are committed enough that we should have the opportunity to make our desires known.
  11. I have been a Premium subscriber for years and consider Evernote my most important production tool. My only frustration is that Evernote refuses to listen to us that we need improved printing capabilities. I get so frustrated every time I need to print a note and get 2 inch margins from my Mac. Contrary to some "experts" on the forum, it is important to print sometimes. I will continue my Premium subscription, but it is hard to understand why printing can't be improved as requested by so many users in this forum.
  12. You must not be on a Mac. We do not have any page setup or print adjustment options. I get 2 inch margins which is ridiculous.
  13. How are your margins too small? I would love 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch margins, but every page I print has 2 inch margins. Let me know how you are printing with small margins.
  14. This post was from 2009 and it doesn't seem there has been any progress for printing in 9 years?
  15. Not a large user requirement...? Look at the hundreds of posts from frustrated users. Search print or margins. You have responded before and I get tired of being told my request is not important. Maybe YOU don't ever want to print, but it is a basic function that many people want. If you have any pull as a "Guru" tell them we want it.
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