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  1. Running Windows 7 desktop Evernote version (276742) and now I can't copy and paste lines that contain checkmarks AND url links. I get this weird behavior when after pasting, the text superimposes the checkmark and the paste actions doesn't actucally update the note. When you navigate away from the note and back, the pasted text never happened.
  2. No that's the new Back button on Ice Cream Sandwich.
  3. Just to confirm with screenshots (attached) with Android app version 3.4.2 build 216817 on Verizon Galaxy Nexus with ICS 4.0.3. Both screenshots don't show option by either clicking on the bottom right ellipse menu button or the top right dropdown menu.
  4. I have a very common situation where my Evernote desktop is open updating my to do list note throughout the day. Then I run into a meeting and have that same note already up on my Galaxy Nexus phone and need to sync it manually from within the note to grab the latest changes I've made on my desktop. Currently I always have to go back to the main page of the Evernote Android app and hit the sync button there. Definitely more convenient to just sync from within the note. FYI, for battery reasons I choose to do manual synching from within the Android app and not auto synching. Even with auto synch, I still would need to manual sync from within the note in case I'm in between the auto sync interval times.
  5. In the Android app, is there a way to sync a note that I am currently viewing? I can't seem to find a sync option in a dropdown entry or within the menu while displaying the actual note I wan to sync.
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