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  1. It sounds like this is a shortcut to begin highlighting. On the ios app there are a few. The only one I use a lot (therefore remember) is if you type three dashes followed by ENTER the dashses convert into a solid line. This is a relatively recent enhancement that came out around the time Evernote 8 for ios did. I'm willing to bet it's a similar thing.
  2. I'm an ios beta tester. I've experienced random isolated occurrences of this happening too. I didn't submit it because it was so infrequent...I discovered it long after the fact, and I couldn't provide any solid evidence of the scenario it occurred under. Plus that when I found a messed up note I usually just automatically fixed it thinking I'd messed it up myself. I have a lot of ios devices and sometimes end up editing the same note on several of them around the same time because I'm in a hurry, and I get interrupted in the middle of creating a note. Then I just grab what ever device is
  3. Thanks jbenson2 for sharing my post about the nonEvernote version. I really love my scanner and made a YouTube video recently showing how I scan with it using an iPad. It's not a great video...but it may help to see it in action. When updating my article recently I learned that Amazon now sells both versions and they are really close in price. Both have come down in price...but the Evernote one more so because it was higher initially. The nonEvernote version doesn't look like it includes the bundled Adobe Acrobat anymore...which frankly may not matter much. I was excited because it's an expen
  4. I know what you mean. We forget it's there because there just aren't too many helpful things Echo can do for us. Although I gotta say...we were surprised when we asked about election result updates because of how current they were. Other than listening to the occasional tune my uses are as primarily as timer, a weather report and finding out movie times of those playing at theatres near us. Shopping lists seem cumbersome and the one thing that I really need still seems far off...Google searches! Or even Bing...because I've heard talk that's what Echo uses. I don't understand why it appears
  5. Did you ever figure out how to do this? I can't figure out how to add to newest info to the top of a note instead of showing the oldest content at the top either.
  6. +1 I've been a Premium user for a long time but it's only been recently that I've begun using tags a lot more. Since there's a limit to how many notebooks you can have...which I think is 250. I hit the limit about a year ago and spent a lot of time reorganizing to free up notebooks. Then someone in the beta forums suggested I use tags instead of so many notebooks...and I'm trying to do that now. But I only use ios devices, so it's slow going since tag usage just isn't great there. So I'm all for improving functionality on ios...actually not just for it...but want it...a lot! One sugg
  7. You can't use OneEdit Pro from within Evernote. What I do is usually save a lot of images to the camera roll (I'm almost always using an ios device) then open OneEdit and import them all into there...you just select a group of pics at one time but you can add to or remove from that batch if you want at anytime. Then I add several editing tasks...I usually use crop, scale and add borders, but you can add watermarks, flip or rotate, apply filters...there are maybe 30 different filters, remove gps info, change to grey scale, add image overlays...there are quite a few editing functions available
  8. I haven't read through this entire forum...I'm researching an issue about emailing notes with images whereby the images are so large it's impossible to see them, print the email etc...there's virtually no good way for someone to read an emailed note that includes a lot of images due to this size problem. This is using EV ios for the original note's creation and having the camera image size in Settings set to Small. But I saw bounce's bulk edit in ios question and I have a great app I use for that. It's called OneEdit Pro it's $2.99. You can batch crop, scale and resize as well as add
  9. Window beta 5.6.2

  10. Did I create this profile...or my son? I'm trying to figure out if I've already joined the Evernote Forums.

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