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  1. I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of people making it clear that this is a massive bug that must be fixed for Evernote iOS to be truly functional. I have recently dropped my Evernote Premium directly because of this bug, due to the fact that it causes multitasking to be unusable. And yes, it is a bug. As evidenced by both the quote from staff above and the fact that plenty of non-Apple iOS apps handle this functionality (i.e. holding position) perfectly fine (e.g. Google Docs). This bug is a workflow killer and the fix should be a top priority.
  2. Hi Shane, I was just told by your Chat team that there is no undo for tag changes. Is that correct information? If so, I have started a feature request post here, because we need some work around for this.
  3. This is another great suggestion along the lines of what I am trying to get their attention on with this post, please consider upvoting
  4. Then you're just back to providing a normal "undo" option, or simply separate metadata for tag updates vs content updates. They literally probably have the latter, they just need to offer it as a sort filter. The bottomline is that the inability to correct errors is terrible functionality. Lots of ways to fix it, but it needs to be fixed.
  5. THE PROBLEM DESCRIBED BELOW LEADS ME TO ADVISE AGAINST USE OF EVERNOTE BUSINESS UNTIL CORRECTED OR SOMEONE EXPLAINS TO ME A DIFFERENT REMEDY... Additionally, the functionality gaps below were directly confirmed with Evernote through Chat. Thus the issues were acknowledged, and no remedy was provided, by Evernote before I posted this request. The system currently does not allow you to undo tag changes (e.g. reversing "delete a tag") or even sort notes by when tag changes occurred. This can create HUGE problems. For instance, if you decide on a new organization system and accidentally delet
  6. I want to thank everyone who concentrated on this issue (including up-voting the top post) and Evernote for fixing 2 of the 3 problems originally identified (we still don't have the same desktop organization in iOS but that was the least important of the requests). Great evidence that Evernote is watching and responding where they can to user feedback! 👍👍
  7. Huge thanks to the users who helped bring this issue to the attention of the company, and to Evernote for an excellent functionality improvement! My only question is what to complain about next.... Hmmmmm....
  8. Yeah, that's useful... You've got a weird functionality gap (multi tag search, not any partial character string), that used to be available, is still available on some versions of the system, users are confused and repeatedly wondering why this is or when it might be remedied, then I come along proposing that it is because of the numerous disconnected feature requests not getting enough traction, I post to a variety of threads asking people to hop on board one particular request so that it can gain some momentum... and you are going to report me for spamming?
  9. If you agree with my post above please use the arrow buttons at the top to vote this UP and get Evernote to pay attention to this problem. Thank you!
  10. I am suggesting that we consolidate this request to get the votes up… I am suggesting mine because it already has a number of votes replies… The post is here, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88379-feature-request-improved-tag-functionality-for-ios/ This request keeps popping up but I believe it is getting ignored because it doesn’t get a critical mass of attention at any one moment, I’d like to see if we can get everyone on board to bring this up the list and to Evernote’s attention. Thank you!
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