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  1. Thank you for the info. I guess it's just a question of being patient.
  2. Home was a feature I would not have thought to request, but I do kind of like it. What puzzles me is that, for the Web version (I'm sticking with Legacy on Windows until more functionality is restored on that platform) I don't see my reminders. I would have thought that reminders would be a prominent widget on the dashboard. And then I was surprised to see that the new Evernote for Web doesn't seem to have reminders at all. (I have four in my Legacy PC version.) Does anyone have any info on the status of reminders on the new platform?
  3. I have continued my investigations into alternatives, but I have yet to find anything that does what Evernote Legacy does for me. One benefit of this episode is that I have dug much deeper than before into workarounds for little annoyances (mostly around formatting), so my Legacy experience is actually my best Evernote experience ever. I should have paid more attention to these forums. The biggest thing that continues to bother me, and for which there is no workaround, is how "fragile" Evernote for Windows seems to be about formatting. There are times when I am just paging through a note,
  4. Kudos to @tony10000 for starting this topic. It certainly helped me vent a little and then step back and recognize what Evernote is really trying to do and then also realizing that there aren't a lot of options out there that deliver as much as Evernote does. The "Tom Solid" video posted by @gazumped is also really helpful. I watched it twice to make sure i got the most out of it. It really does seem that a number of features will be added back. My one complaint is that Evernote should be more forthcoming about what's on the backlog (little Agile talk there) and how it's currently prioritized.
  5. Just noticed the Tom Solid video posted yesterday. Thank you for alerting me to it. (I took yesterday off from the machine and spent time with my stereo equipment ... er, another machine, i guess.) I agree that they should have added more to the foundation before releasing 10, but good for them for packaging Legacy for us (and even, it seems, updating it once in the past few days). I'm glad that they have rethought the codebase and started over, in essence. Evernote is 20 years old, and this should give it a new lease on life (or lease of life, if you're a Brit). I'm sticking with Le
  6. That's an excellent point; thank you for highlighting it. Notion doesn't do it for me, and OneNote is not what it could have been. I am going to stick with the Legacy version and watch as Evernote gets its mojo back as features are added back to the new codebase. I've been in software for over 35 years, so i get the retreat to something solid (you have to do that, sometimes). I can wait for six months or more to see how things get added back.
  7. Notion has options to export notes as PDF, HTML, and Markdown files. I've only experimented with creating PDF files from my notes — including a couple of very large notes with lots of images — and the results are excellent. Those could certainly be imported into OneNote. I have to tell you, though: despite some improvements over the past couple of years, OneNote really is very cumbersome. I have notes on something like 10 problems I've already spotted with it. And I still don't like the fact that Notion doesn't properly store notes on my drive (and takes up too much space on my limited C: driv
  8. I am indeed reviewing other options, chiefly OneNote (because I pay for Microsoft 365 Enterprise Apps anyway, and OneNote has come a long way and integrates with other Office and Teams applications) and Notion. I use Evernote for three main use cases: (1) clipping articles I want for my personal knowledge base, (2) saving important reference papers, chiefly as PDFs, and (3) note-taking while studying either personally or professionally. I started using Evernote on Windows, and so I have "grown up" being used to a certain amount of formatting, so that my notes are attractive as well a
  9. Thank you for letting me know that. I double-clicked and went for coffee, so 10 minutes wasn't enough for it to bring up the note. I think i'll wait for a couple of updates to the 10 codebase before giving it another try. But, by the way, the lesser quality of clipping does have me worried. I wish i had a second machine on which to experiment with the new version.
  10. Thank you, my friend. I will do just that. I guess I was just so excited by the new codebase that I wanted to give it a whirl. I've also noticed that clipping from the Web Clipper does a much poorer job than it does in 6.25. I guess i should just stay in touch with this forum and gauge the community's endorsement of version 10 before installing.
  11. I made the apparently mistake of updating last night (and now I need to figure out how to go back to 6.25). My notes look okay within the overall application, but when i double-click on a note, the pop-up window shows only the correct note title but nothing else in that window. I am used to being able to work with notes in that way, so that i can size them next to other material from which i am taking notes. Is anyone else having this problem?
  12. Hello! Actually, I think this one was down to Firefox, not Evernote. Despite a policy that is supposed to delete all cookies when I exit Firefox, some things were being left behind, including a couple of Evernote cookies. When I cleared them, syncing went back to working. Everything is fine now, and I'm keeping an eye on Firefox (making sure to "manage cookies" and manually clear my browsing content when shutting down for the day.
  13. I'm not sure what has changed, but I am unable to save notes from Firefox using Evernote Web Clipper (version: I am able to select Article or Simplified Article, and the preview shows correctly. But when I try to save, after telling me it is saving the note the message changes to "Syncing" ... and it hangs there. I just came back from lunch, and it's still cycling 60 minutes after I last tried it. I anyone else seeing this? I know for certain that I was taking and saving and syncing notes yesterday without any problem whatsoever. Firefox hasn't updated in the meantime,
  14. Hello. It's the very end of August, 2020, and the problem persists in my Evernote for Windows app, version info as follows: (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954). Any reason that this can't be fixed?
  15. Thank you for that suggesting. I'm on Windows 10, but I will definitely look up Textastic alternatives.
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