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  1. YOU ARE CORRECT! I haven't looked at it for so long, and -- to be fair -- the instructions DO make it sound as if Google is the only choice. But I am now up and running with Authy (I even got the green elephant head logo with the account entry). Thank you for point me in the right direction. So ... I guess the request should read for Evernote to be more clear that different authentication apps can be used.
  2. That is fantastic! I'm jumping on a call, but I will try to turn off 2FA and then turn it back on using Authy. I'll report back soon! THANK YOU!
  3. Currently we have a choice of SMS (very insecure since mobile networks anywhere on the planet have serious flaws) and Google Authenticator. I won't belabor my problems with Google, but I will point out that I'm CTO of a small capital markets company, and cryptography and cybersecurity are a major part of my responsibilities. Neither my CISO nor I use Google Authenticator if we have a choice of something else, like Authy (my personal and corporate choice). Would Evernote PLEASE give us the option to use our app of choice, as so many other vendors do? I consider this request a priority. Thank you for listening!
  4. Thank you for your replies! It's a really minor matter, I realize. But I'll bet there's an ideas board just for widgets somewhere in the Evernote world, so I thought I would try to get it added.
  5. I know I'm going to get laughed out of the park on this one, but I really enjoy bringing up Evernote and seeing the Home screen (especially first thing in the morning). The banner image I chose looks good, but I would also like to pin an image (or two) to that screen (I have the real estate, since I use a 32" monitor). Would Evernote consider creating a "Pinned Image" widget (akin to the "Pinned Note" widget) to add to the Home screen customization? It would be great if we could then drag and drop and image into that widget (although being asked to choose one when adding the widget would be fine as well). Not up there with commercially viable energy from nuclear fusion, but I thought I would ask.
  6. Exactly. And the new look and feel is just so sharp, especially in dark mode on a large (32"), high-res screen. It's a visual treat to work through the notes during the day. Looking forward to more to come. Oh, and I'm one of those who said I "didn't ask for home" ... but now I enjoy starting the day with it.
  7. The past couple of weeks have seen me make a major transition. All of my interaction with Evernote (except for printing) is now through the new Windows 10 app (or via the Web client when I'm booted into Linux). Sure, there are still a few little glitches, like being able to copy images from one note to another, and the fact that I cannot select an image from Evernote and copy it into an editor like IrvanView ... but I'm sure that will all be sorted. The only time I use the Windows Legacy app is for printing notes to PDF to share with those I have not yet convinced to sign up for Evernote. Legacy still does a beautiful job with it; the new version just doesn't work (not from the app nor from the Web). (There is some sort of scroll-bar image that appears on the right of all pages, not all of the note is printed, and page breaks cut off text lines in the middle, rendering them unreadable in many cases.) But I had a 45-minute online session with one of the Evernote product managers, so I know they know about the problem, and I'm sure they're working on it. It has taken me a while, but I have to admit that Evernote is heading in the right direction, and I should say so, instead of just posting complaints.
  8. Logged into the web and tried to copy just a single image from one note to another, and all I've been getting for several minutes is a rotating circle. Evernote keeps making it sound like we shouldn't be using applications, just the web, but the web doesn't work, either.
  9. This is going to be a bit of a rant, and I'm sorry, but when Evernote lets you down, it decides to destroy you. I had a very large note -- getting close to the Premium limit -- and that's my fault. So I started breaking it down into smaller parts yesterday evening. It seemed to work, but this morning Evernote Web and Windows 10 are out of sync. I clipped a couple of articles that are on the Web, but not in my Windows 10 app. And all of the reorganization I did yesterday is a complete mess. A number of notes duplicated many times, but many others completely missing. And syncing takes forever. PLUS I cannot even scroll through the notes smoothly (both on the Web and in the Win 10 app). Scrolling "sticks" at some point, and then Evernote puts me wherever it feels like in the note. I don't need an application that syncs to-do lists or other trivial things. I want to do real work, real note-taking, with rich images, and I want to be able to depend on it. Seriously: i think the best thing is to use something like Microsoft Word that works day in and day out and just share the pages via Dropbox (which also works, day in and day out). I have just had too many problems with Evernote over the years, and this time it seems to have lost me weeks of work. Sorry for the rant. I was hoping that the new engine would improve things, but Evernote seems as fragile as ever. They really stabbed me in the back this time.
  10. THANK YOU for making me feel a little less alone. I have not yet submitted a support ticket, but I shall do so right away. My problem, by the way, is that I am working on text I have clipped. So I already have a number of small headers set up for me. Therefore, I really need Evernote to sort this out. Filling out a ticket right now ... ... actually, no, I'm not. Why do I have to go on a search to find out where to submit a ticket? I have to jump on a call, so I'll look later. Didn't there used to be something right in the app to report a problem?
  11. Very bizarre. I am able to bold or un-bold medium and large headers, but I am unable to do the same for small header. I highlight the heading, click on the "B" on the formatting bar, and nothing happens. I hope that this glitch gets corrected. I don't like the look of headers in bold. Font and spacing is enough of an indicator.
  12. Hello, and thank you! (And I'm sorry for not getting back to you. Busy week.) I had indeed been working only inside the app. Once I double-click and open the note in a separate window, I can see the title as in Legacy. Clearly I have not been exploring the new app as much as I should. Thank you again!
  13. There are fewer and fewer Legacy capabilities that haven't yet been migrated to the new platform. My request is for a really minor one, but in Legacy I like the ability to scroll down through long notes and still see the title of the note at the top of the screen. I find that helpful (1) because I include useful information in my note titles and (2) because I frequently go on to other things, and when I return to Evernote it helps me remember what I was working on or reading.
  14. Thank you! I will try to find the support page and report it. The copy/paste would work too; I'll practice that in the meantime.
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