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  1. +1000000 Yes please. Collapsable boxes would be an awesome addition especially for code blocks! i really need this! I often put code blocks into tables with a code column and a notes column I want to be able to collapse the code block so that it doesn't take up so much space! but can still read it if i want. I actually want 3 collapse options. Want a 3 way button that gives these options. - + = top left of the code block 1. First line only 2. fully open. 3. first few last few (number of rows dependent on box size Also you seem to have broken the functionality to add code blocks to tables!!! i have to copy and paste them in these days. The menu button has stopped working in tables. (under windows). I recon lots of developers would like this functionality!
  2. Linux Client pleeeease. Would make this best truely x platform note taking app on the market. yes there similar free apps but they are no where near as good. I've seen the implementations using the api but surely if you can create an apple and android client, it can't be a big step to make it run in linux. Linux is my daily driver.
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