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  1. Dear good people of Evernote, when I add a sketch in iOS i really expect it to show up at the insertion point, but it seems to move up to the top of the note which is really not helpful at all.
  2. Dear Friends at Evernote, I have two weird Table issues. Version 6.9 Beta 2 (453896 Direkt) First of all, I select the Text in the first cell and drag over to the last cell to select all content in the first row, but the selection only shows all the other cells (when I click "Bold" though, all text including the first cell is formatted). The other strange thing happened when I triple-click a cell to select all text and press Cmd-X (or select Cut), or hit delete - it pastes the content of the next cell. I would expect the cell content to be deleted without the next cell
  3. Hey you people at Evernote, I found the app "Evernote Scanner" with an icon that looks just like the Scannable icon, you might want to look into this. Total rip-off, and the developer site is for sale. I thought Apple has a review process??
  4. yes, JM, the horizontal line. The web interface mouseover text calls it "divider line" so I guess we are both wrong ;-)
  5. don*t know if it's related to the Beta, but I had an outlined list with bullets and some checkmarks and a link to another note and when I opened it, the link was not clickable, just green text and all the sub bullets were indented but then the super bullets didn't outdent so it looked a bit strange when all items slowly moved to the right of the screen mind you i still would want some better outline features now we're talking abot this
  6. "Posted 17 November 2009 - 10:49 PM This isn't currently available in the client, but we plan to improve our printing controls" ahem
  7. not happy, not happy at all

  8. Hi, I use Printer Pro and the only thing I can "print" is a screenshot of the public link page. That is... not satisfactory. I can also send the note as mail, "select all" and then print the contents of the clipboard. Works fairly well, except you don't get a title. Also, lots of work, not satisfactory. When I'm on my home network, I can use Printopia to print the note to my connected printers or as a pdf directly to Dropbox, my Mac (or as a pdf to Evernote, in a very recursive fashion). Works well but only on home network. There used to be some Apps that showed up as Air Print printers
  9. tried the beta. cut and paste a bullet item, get an asterisk instead of a bullet. this seems to be rocket science. sigh.
  10. fwiw I think the Moleskine books are of decent quality but too expensive. I bought a notebook when it included three months of membership, which makes it "free". I don't use the stickers so if anyone wants an almost complete set, let me know.
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