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  1. Sort of reminds me of the old slot machines. Where you pulled the handle until you got a combination of wheels that were winners. When I get back home, I'll be curious to check out this EN version on a range of older iOS toys. I too prefer the dark tab. Provides contrast to 'working' areas.
  2. Dang .. you have a "small" green button. I am on-the-road at the moment and don't have my iPad Pro with me. There seem to be at least three sizes of green buttons. Larger than the tab bar, exact fit, and your "smaller" button. Apparently the "green button" has free will.
  3. pgdahl..... interesting! On my iPad Mini 4 and iOS 11.3, my version of EN has a "big green" button that DOES fit exactly within the tab bar like yours. However my tab bar is bright white. (on my iPhone 7 the tab bar area is also bright while. It used to be dark with previous versions on my iPad(s) and iPhone. - I didn't change any settings between versions. )
  4. I'm also on version on my iPhone 7 (11.3) . However the giant green button does still leaks up on the text page like your first image. Not s big issue but i thought I'd mention that our icons are different size on some toys.
  5. In my case the entire title of the top note is missing in Snippet view With 7.1 on Mac.
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