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  1. Hello again, I was told to repost my comments in this forum so I am doing so. The fix by kyle below worked perfectly. Just a quick note however, I did need to install the version with the link (below), which replaced the version I downloaded from the Mac App store. Thank you all so much :). Best Regards, Using the Direct version of Evernote, go into the Preferences panel and click on "Software Update". Check the "Update to beta versions when available" box. Click the "Check For Updates Now" button at the top. The direct version of Evernote can be downloaded from here: https://evernote.com/download/?offer=www_menu LIKE THIS kyle (macfixer) demilo i fix stuff :-) http://MadeOn.LI @macfixer BSR Evernote Employee 14 112 posts Posted 15 hours ago · Report post Hi Y'all, Please direct your questions and any comments related to the 6.7.1 beta to the official thread below: Thanks! LIKE THIS
  2. Hello Everyone, I posted the below three days ago and no one answered. Please respond Hi Nicolml, I was part of the Beta program for mac and now I am part of the Evernote Labs program. By chance, can you tell me how I can download this version and install it on my computer. Currently I have the non Beta version installed because I had issues with my computer and I had to delete everything. Thank you so much for your time. Best Regards, Micah
  3. Hi everyone, the beta 9 seems to be mostly working well. The couple issues that I have are when I select two separate notes when moving to a folder the Evernote app does not work, i.e. I get the swirling circle of death. A couple of requests that I would like to be included in a future update is the ability to change multiple notes tags at the same time. I will continue to track issue. Thank you for your time. Best Regards,
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