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  1. Really good news. Many thanks and congratulations to post members who insisted on this issue.
  2. Hi gbarry, my name is Jorge, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Premium suscriber, and need help with Templates. What happens to me, is that when I use Enernote online, and I want to use a Template, I just select the option in the Note body, and there are the Templates to choose. But when I use Evernote installed in my pc, the link for Templates doesn't appear in the body of the Note. Please, can you help me with this issue? I have installed in my pc v 10.2.4 build 1949 public Editor: v111.0.14414 Service v1.21.2 Many thanks. jorgefrankon@outlook.com

  3. Please, do you know how can I change the time interval for reminders to less than 30 minutes? That is to say, can I set a reminder for 8:15 am ? Many thanks. jorgefrankon@outlook.com
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