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  1. This is still an issue on Android (Google Pixel)
  2. BobSF

    Bullets and numbers stay black...

    Got you. They are probably working on it. Thanks.
  3. BobSF

    Bullets and numbers stay black...

    No one from Evernote responded to this thread... Would love your help with this:
  4. @gazumped Looks like this is not an issue anymore.
  5. BobSF

    Bullets and numbers stay black...

    Thanks!! Most likely this is an issue on Mac as well... Definitely an issue on my Android (Google Pixel).
  6. Problem: When I change the color of the text, bullets and numbers stay black.
  7. BobSF

    See all shared notes in one place

    Today I noticed something new. I see the Shared folder on the sidebar!
  8. BobSF

    See all shared notes in one place

    Thank you very much! I will search for sharedate:* for now. It would really help if shared notes automatically show a tiny notification on them and also if there was a place where we could see a list of all shared notes.
  9. It would be of great help to be able to see a list of all shared notes and notebooks in one place.
  10. All my notes start with a number as I do not like any other sorting options. Example: 1 - AA 2 - AA 3 - AA Currently, Evernote does not support alphanumerical sorting. Because of that, 10 - AA appears right after 1 - AA (instead of appearing after 9 - AA). Example: 1 - AA 10 - AA 11 - AA 2 - AA 20 - AA 3 - AA 4 - AA 5 - AA 6 - AA 7 - AA 8 - AA 9 - AA I have been adding zeroes to the beginning of the names so that the notes are sorted in alphanumerical order. Not aesthetically pleasing at all. Everything else about Evernote is so beautiful. And this: Please improve the existing alphabetical sorting and make it alphanumerical. As alphabetical sorting already exists, making this improvement shouldn't take a whole lot of work.