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  1. This is a "one-time-ad" 🙂 Missing a German Group here we had since years a non-official Googe+ support community for Evernote. Google shuts down its service so we searched for a new home - just started a classic forum with this link: https://digital-cleaning.de/forum/ You're welcome if you like to discuss all Evernote themes in German.
  2. Looks promising ... ? Maybe something together with the release of iOS 12? Or a brandnew Windows-Version? Maybe only change of the Icon color ... ?
  3. Once upon a time it was fantastic: the PDF preview in a note had a "Hamburger" icon and I could drag'n drop the PDF to any other application in Windows. Now I have to open the PDF in a PDF Reader or to change the settings in "show PDF as attachement" ... Any chance to get back the easy drag'n drop type ...?
  4. Hm, no "HEIC" view, not in the note and not in the note preview ... somthing special to do for this format? //Edit: Okay when generate the note with iOS app it is shown in Windows Evernote too - but when I drag'n drop in Windows a HEIC file nothing to see ...
  5. Fine. But more important is to drag + drop a Evernote PDF attachment to other apps like Outlook, Explorer and so on. Please bring back this feature!!! :-)
  6. New PDF viewer: very important thing for me was drag and drop functionality with the old PDF viewer - it was very easy to "grip" the file (Hamburger symbol) and drag it outside of the Evernote note. Seems this is no more possible with the new browser like PDF viewer ...
  7. I'm still waiting for drag'n drop #iOS11 #iPad ... (I know: a little bit with graphics is possible ...)
  8. Problems with German Umlaute: copy a text of a note to Word, Outlook and so on makes wrong characters
  9. Oh - it was not intended as "news" - I thought I could get help - likely a lot of Evernote users have a WordPress blog. Okay - I'll ask the WordPress community. And thanx for feature asking - but I think there is no need for a new plugin - most blog readers will take the browser Web Clipper ...
  10. The old Wordpress-Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-evernote-site-memory/ don't work anymore. Okay. I deactivated the plugin and deleted - but there is still the error message in the posting. Any hint in which WordPress script I have to make a little peek? Thank you!
  11. My Mac database folder shows a size (with sub folders) of 11 GB. My Windows exb-database for the same account = 15 GB. Why this difference? Is mac using a special compression?
  12. Missing link to database folder: About Evernote with option key = no link ...
  13. The table thing is "nice". But please, please, please - after 40 years of editors integrate some title formats/headline formats like H1, H2, H3. And a TOC for the note content. It would be soooooooo great if you could insert a link like "#part3" or "jump the the headline 3" or "jump to note evernote://xyz_#part3". (You will lose the race with OneNote if you place your bet on colorful gimmicks - Microsoft will here always be better. But look at Markdown, Ulysses, Byline - this software focus pure text and has a big fan community.)
  14. If you are using an iPhone: start the keyboard in a note and tipp on the micro left of the space key
  15. I suppose you want the formated IA Writer text as formated note text? Other Markdown editors have no problem because they export HTML in a direct way to Evernote and Evernote can interprete a basic set of HTML correct. But IA Writer (iOS) attaches HTML as a seperate file (share menu and Mail export) - so you get an empty note with HTML attached file. But you can activate the IA Writer preview than "mark all"/"copy" and past this in Evernote. Not elegant but it works.
  16. Strange - FF and Chrome - maybe it is my AdBlocker ...
  17. Maybe link for screenshots is broken - here my examples (German layout)
  18. Oh - now there is a shortcut for intern links on bord - STRG+Alt+L = "evernote://..." So great for macros! Thank you!!! (And maybe a little icon for this feature in the future? :-) )
  19. Special Amazon formating don't work, okay. But special Youtube is working. And all the rest as usual - no problems here with Chrome 55.0.2883.75 m, Windows 10, Web Clipper 6.10.1 (35f63f9/, login via Google account //Edit: My fault - I have to log in again if I start a new browser session ...
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