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  1. After deleting the app to the bin, I found it almost impossible to reinstall from the Evernote site... the only solution I found was do drag the app back out of the trash bin back into application folder' and then run it from there by double clicking. I'm having to live with the app update always wanting to update until there's a fix. I suggest if your clipper is still in applications, you run it from there.
  2. Thank you for the feedback, I will try this solution later in the week.
  3. The Web clipper on Apple Store App update is stuck on permanent need for updating. What does upcoming automatic updates mean?
  4. Yes, of course, that's obvious. I appreciate your expertise - I'm learning a lot here.
  5. I've removed the line. set the clipboard to "NO SELECTION" from the above script. That means after copying the URL from my main app, I jump over to EN, run the script and 'paste' into the dialogue box and the live script drops in. It just saves me a few steps. Full credit to JMichael
  6. Yes, that is the process that I'm using and it is working well. I've updated to v1.0.1. A great utility and a big help to my workflow. Hopefully EN will come up with a more permanent fix. Thank you for your help on this. Paul
  7. UK Users - I had real difficulties in running JMicheal's script. I was just getting repeated errors. Anyway I worked out that the date format was wrong for the UK. If you change the two dates to '11.11.2015' you will cover the day and month priority. It's still not picking up the clipboard text for first time. I need to get the URL from the main app,. Paste it into EN, Copy it again and then run the script. It's still a few extra steps, but its an effective way of making the link go live.
  8. I'm a bit of novice when it comes to apple scripts, though I have at times successfully ran (very basic) prepared scripts. I'm struggling to know where the actual script begins (cursor point for copying into applescript). Would you be kind enough to send me the applescript as an actual attachment, then I can set it to run under Automator. Cheers, Paul
  9. Wow, that's really great! I'll take a closer look at this later this evening and give you my feedback. Much appreciated.
  10. jmichael, Yes, your suggestion does work. Much appreciated. The multi-steps would eventually limit its use for me, but it clearly proves that a third party link can and should work. Tech Support are currently working on a fix and and I'll forward this information to them. Thanks for your time.
  11. In Evernote online, the hyperlink is accepted, but when I click it Safari says the page is unavailable. In the Evernote desktop app the link box doesn't accept the link. (the 'Ok' box is greyed out).
  12. Evernote won't allow me to hyperlink anything beginning with accord://... Your continued support is still appreciated.
  13. Yes, thank you when I create the link on iOS it goes live as you have demonstrated. Interestingly the link remains live when it updates on the desktop version and then links successfully to the desktop app. Sadly I still can't copy and paste a link on the desktop platform. Thank you, very helpful.
  14. Thank you that was helpful, although I do note that that was in iOS. Does the same link work on the desktop / laptop. How did you create the link? Thanks again.
  15. HerbyDE, your link (http://www.evernote....0DkeHixll7o_Co/) is an Evernote link taking me to an Accordance note in Evernote. The idea of Accordance links ( accord://read/UB_Commentary#31918) is that they will go directly to my Accordance App/Library and open that particular reference.
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