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  1. There is no way to do this at the moment. There is no "highlighting a Tag" function in EN the way you are describing it. If you really cannot find a tag in your tag tree, you may think about the organization of your tags. You may have too many and reducing the number may be an option. Wern
  2. Just post here and the community as well as EN developers will read it.
  3. You could create an "archive" notebook. But notebooks cannot have sub-notebooks. You can create STACKS, which is a rough substitute for sub-notebooks (a STACK can contain other notebooks). BUT, it sounds you are too heavyly counting on notebooks in your EN setup. Beginners often create too many notebooks, only to regret it later, as lots of notebooks create a messy setup after the number of your notes is growing. Learn how to use TAGS instead. Here is a thread which may give you some ideas of what you want to achieve: Click
  4. This is a known issue and also happens when you send notes to different printers. The font size increases (if you know this, you can adjust the font size in your EN note to smaller size, prior to printing). EN developers know this and are working on a permanent solution. Wern
  5. As Burgers already said, probably not. Above all, EN wants to do one thing well: storing and retrieving information fast. There may be an "add-on" or "extension" sometime in the future for this, but not soon and nothing certain at this point in time. Wern
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