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  1. I'd like to get additional feedback from users about Work Chat, sharing and collaboration features in Evernote. If you'd be willing to speak with me for 15-30 mins at a time of your convenience, please private message me on this forum and I'll contact you to setup a time. Thanks for your feedback. // Martin
  2. I'd like to get additional feedback from users about Work Chat, sharing and collaboration features in Evernote. If you'd be willing to speak with me for 15-30 mins at a time of your convenience, please private message me on this forum and I'll contact you to setup a time. Thanks for your feedback. // Martin
  3. The naming feature should be coming soon. Stay tuned.
  4. Hi Just a clarification for item #8 and #6. - Do you want to view chats that reference a notebook or do you want some sort "notebook" concept associated with the chat so that notes shared to the chat are stored there? - What do you see as the end result of mentioning someone in a chat or in a note? Do you just expect the person to receive some sort of notification or do you expect something more? Thanks.
  5. Hi These features should be rolling out to the Evernote clients soon. Stay tuned.
  6. Hi Rotter, There may be several problems. In working with our support there are 2 problems that crop up frequently: #1 - The receiving user accidentally created a second account upon receiving the invitation as the invite was to an email that isn't the one that they login to Evernote with #2 - The user missed / deleted the original invitation and our SPAM controls are preventing a second / third invitation from being sent Its very difficult to discern the problem without looking into the state of the invitation and your account(s). This is why I recommend contacting support with your situation so that we can figure out if it is one of the above cases or a new case that we've not encountered before. The forums is not a great place to diagnose this type of issue as we need personal information that shouldn't be posted in public. Please file a ticket, post the number and I'll ask a support rep to look into this as soon as possible.
  7. Hi @davidatscpc, I removed your post because its not a good idea to expose your email addresses on a public forum. When you share notes or notebooks with your colleagues for the first time they will receive emails that ask them to create an account or login to an existing account. This is necessary for us to bind the email address to which you sent the messages to their account if the emails you sent to are different from the emails that they use to login to their account. Without this step, they will not see your content. If your colleagues don't seem to be receiving these emails, have them check their SPAM or Junk email folders or search for the email address no-reply@evernote.com. We manage our emails religiously to avoid them being tagged as SPAM but some mail systems are very strict. If they find these emails, please have them click on the button embedded in the email and follow through the subsequent screens. If you still are having issues, I would contact our support via the links below. You can safely give your emails to our support staff and they will be more than happy to help you resolve your issue.
  8. Hi Davevernote, We are working on adding people to chats and should have something out across all our clients soon. In the mean time, I wanted to ask a few more details about what you consider a useful chat client. Are there specific features other than adding people to an existing chat that you consider essential? Thanks.
  9. Hi Sunnyg78, See this series of screen shots of the web client. This is what you should be seeing if you believe you've shared a notebook and how you should unshare. If you're not seeing this, I would report a bug via our links below. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s12/sh/b6f8734e-1a9f-4385-bddd-5f4861c4b274/c6b29d89cca7d060 Hope this helps.
  10. Hi Crayz, I'm sorry you had to uninstall Web Clipper. However without any additional information, its difficult for us to determine if the problem is in the clipper or some other software on your computer. As I said before, 19GB is a very large amount of data that should never be transferred to our Chinese servers unless you actually have an account on those servers and are uploading content. If you are allowed to use the clipper, it would be helpful if you'd use it as you would normally do and then capture the activity log from the clipper and send it to us via a support ticket. Thanks.
  11. @brianj @curtmuell In general, support does look at Free tickets but the current backlog is quite high at the moment. We found a bug with the latest version of iOS (version 7.7.6) which broke the CardMunch promotion logic. If you file a support ticket and post the ticket number here, I'll ask support to contact you directly to provide a workaround.
  12. Hi consumedsoul, Not receiving any notifications is definitely not a designed behavior. We've fixed many issues with notifications since the time this thread was started. If you are having issues with sharing notes and notebooks please file a ticket with support. We will need to get your account information and platform to diagnose the problem further. Thanks.
  13. Hi Gazumped, The situation in post #12 really was a due to a temporary outage on our international service which forced a failover to our Chinese servers only for the express purpose of determining which service your client should be talking to. This is not a normal process under stable network conditions and I don't know of any recent outages. In addition, the requests we make are very small. At most when our clients talk to our bootstrapping servers they send a few bytes of information as described in Dave's post. 19GB of data is definitely something odd and out of place. Crayz When you say the "Evernote extension" are you talking about the web clipper? Are you sure the issue from your IT department was about the Evernote extension sending data vs requesting data? See this portion of the post above that may be relevant: Were you clipping something with images or other resources that may have been residing on Chinese servers?
  14. I'll speak with the Windows PM to try to avoid this in the future. Thanks for your feedback.
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