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  1. Workaround that I found. Try editing the note in the Evernote Web client. It will unlock the note in the Mac client. Evernote should find a way to fix across the board but this seems to work to allow me to continue working.
  2. Hi @davidatscpc, I removed your post because its not a good idea to expose your email addresses on a public forum. When you share notes or notebooks with your colleagues for the first time they will receive emails that ask them to create an account or login to an existing account. This is necessary for us to bind the email address to which you sent the messages to their account if the emails you sent to are different from the emails that they use to login to their account. Without this step, they will not see your content. If your colleagues don't seem to be receiving these emails, have them check their SPAM or Junk email folders or search for the email address no-reply@evernote.com. We manage our emails religiously to avoid them being tagged as SPAM but some mail systems are very strict. If they find these emails, please have them click on the button embedded in the email and follow through the subsequent screens. If you still are having issues, I would contact our support via the links below. You can safely give your emails to our support staff and they will be more than happy to help you resolve your issue.
  3. Hello El Gropo, You could recommend your colleagues use Scannable (Free on iOS) or the document camera on Evernote for Android to capture the invoices before sending to you. Both of these do the image deskew, cropping and contrast that you seek. If you're looking for image processing software for the desktop, it may be that your use case is somewhat rare. Doing a google search for desktop software that deskews brings back software toolkits but not packaged software. I believe this may be because usually the clean up steps you want are done at the source. Even with our own Scansnap Evernote Edition, its the firmware of the scanner that does the image cleanup, not Evernote itself. Hope this helps.
  4. Hello El Gropo, Evernote has a couple of features that may help your use case. First each account has an email address such that when you send email to that address, the email ends up as a note in your default notebook. To find this email address, login to your web client and go to Account > Settings and scroll down to the "Email Notes to" section. A handy tip is to copy this email address as a contact in your address book with the name "Evernote" so that anytime you want to forward something to your account, you just forward to "Evernote". https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 Secondly for editing the document, there are a couple of options. If you use Gmail, the Evernote Web Clipper will clip emails directly from Gmail. One option of the Web Clipper is to clip as a screen shot with annotations, so you could clip the email and annotate as needed. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23211961 The other option is that all of our clients (except the Web client for now) have annotation capabilities as well. If you use either the email option or the Web clipper option to get the email into your Evernote account, once there, you can annotate the jpg to crop, rotate, highlight, add pointers etc to make your attachment more readable for yourself. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/28944986 Hope this helps.
  5. Hi AndyDent, Sorry for the issues you've encountered. > This has resulted in my co-founder not having a key notebook shared to him whilst he was overseas and I just thought he was ignoring it. While we have changed the delivery mechanism for the share, the recipient behavior hasn't change. Except in the case when both the sender and recipient belong to the same business, when a notebook is shared, the recipient MUST click on the link to access the notebook and synchronize it to their own accounts. When we were delivering the share notification via email, the recipient would still be required to click the link and login to their Evernote account via the web client to access the notebook. With Work Chat the steps haven't changed but we've shortcut the process so that the user could receive an in-app notification with the link instead of an email if they already have used Work Chat before. If not, they would receive an email just like the original process. Its possible that your co-founder did not understand or ignored the email or there is a problem with the system and its not behaving as I described. It would be helpful if you could clarify what happened so that we can investigate further. > The dialog starts with a Work Chat list and a Contacts list. However, when you send a sharing message even with a contact, it comes back to a Work Chat dialog so I have no idea if these have gone through. I can't find a way to send a sharing request apparently outside of Work Chat. We are looking into the sharing dialog across all the clients to make it more clear how you are sharing the content and less emphasis on chat. This should trickle out across all the clients in the next few months.
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