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  1. I'd like to get additional feedback from users about Work Chat, sharing and collaboration features in Evernote. If you'd be willing to speak with me for 15-30 mins at a time of your convenience, please private message me on this forum and I'll contact you to setup a time. Thanks for your feedback. // Martin
  2. Hi Just a clarification for item #8 and #6. - Do you want to view chats that reference a notebook or do you want some sort "notebook" concept associated with the chat so that notes shared to the chat are stored there? - What do you see as the end result of mentioning someone in a chat or in a note? Do you just expect the person to receive some sort of notification or do you expect something more? Thanks.
  3. Hi These features should be rolling out to the Evernote clients soon. Stay tuned.
  4. Hi @davidatscpc, I removed your post because its not a good idea to expose your email addresses on a public forum. When you share notes or notebooks with your colleagues for the first time they will receive emails that ask them to create an account or login to an existing account. This is necessary for us to bind the email address to which you sent the messages to their account if the emails you sent to are different from the emails that they use to login to their account. Without this step, they will not see your content. If your colleagues don't seem to be receiving these emails, have them check their SPAM or Junk email folders or search for the email address no-reply@evernote.com. We manage our emails religiously to avoid them being tagged as SPAM but some mail systems are very strict. If they find these emails, please have them click on the button embedded in the email and follow through the subsequent screens. If you still are having issues, I would contact our support via the links below. You can safely give your emails to our support staff and they will be more than happy to help you resolve your issue.
  5. Hi Davevernote, We are working on adding people to chats and should have something out across all our clients soon. In the mean time, I wanted to ask a few more details about what you consider a useful chat client. Are there specific features other than adding people to an existing chat that you consider essential? Thanks.
  6. Hi Sunnyg78, See this series of screen shots of the web client. This is what you should be seeing if you believe you've shared a notebook and how you should unshare. If you're not seeing this, I would report a bug via our links below. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s12/sh/b6f8734e-1a9f-4385-bddd-5f4861c4b274/c6b29d89cca7d060 Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Crayz, I'm sorry you had to uninstall Web Clipper. However without any additional information, its difficult for us to determine if the problem is in the clipper or some other software on your computer. As I said before, 19GB is a very large amount of data that should never be transferred to our Chinese servers unless you actually have an account on those servers and are uploading content. If you are allowed to use the clipper, it would be helpful if you'd use it as you would normally do and then capture the activity log from the clipper and send it to us via a support ticket. Thanks.
  8. @brianj @curtmuell In general, support does look at Free tickets but the current backlog is quite high at the moment. We found a bug with the latest version of iOS (version 7.7.6) which broke the CardMunch promotion logic. If you file a support ticket and post the ticket number here, I'll ask support to contact you directly to provide a workaround.
  9. Hi Gazumped, The situation in post #12 really was a due to a temporary outage on our international service which forced a failover to our Chinese servers only for the express purpose of determining which service your client should be talking to. This is not a normal process under stable network conditions and I don't know of any recent outages. In addition, the requests we make are very small. At most when our clients talk to our bootstrapping servers they send a few bytes of information as described in Dave's post. 19GB of data is definitely something odd and out of place. Crayz When you say the "Evernote extension" are you talking about the web clipper? Are you sure the issue from your IT department was about the Evernote extension sending data vs requesting data? See this portion of the post above that may be relevant: Were you clipping something with images or other resources that may have been residing on Chinese servers?
  10. I'll speak with the Windows PM to try to avoid this in the future. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Sorry for your frustrations with the pop ups. The intent was never to badger our users into using a feature that is not useful to them. The intent was more for feature discovery for users new to Work Chat. Once you've seen the popups, you should never see these pop ups again on upgrade unless you are uninstalling and reinstalling our software constantly. We will look at better ways to present this information and ways to try to suppress their display across installations if you've seen them before already.
  12. Hi will219 Yes we experience this ourselves quite a bit. We are looking at both short term solutions to enable easier ways for you to curate content shared via work chat and longer term solutions to integrate work chat in to the Evernote experience. We should have some of the shorter term solutions available later this year. Stay tuned and thanks for the feedback.
  13. Hello Sunnyg78, Can you clarify what you mean by a group? Do you mean you have a group of notes that are shared with users but the notebook itself is not shared? On which client did you initiate the sharing?
  14. If you're comfortable with this, can you share a screenshot of the scanned business card note and a picture of the card with me via a private message?
  15. Hi gidian9 It really depends on 2 things: - Was the field from the card and converted into text in the note? - If not, is the field you are looking for on the card image in some fancy logo or font? if the field was converted to text, then there really shouldn't be a reason that you shouldn't be able to find it via search. I would contact support where we will most likely ask you for a screen shot of the note and the card so that we can try to reproduce the problem ourselves. If the field wasn't converted, that is a good indication as to why you can't search for it. Sometimes its just text that we can't categorize properly as a name or title, etc. However many times there is text on the card that our brains can read but the OCR process cannot because they don't look like text. Things such as stylized fonts, company logos or insufficient contrast between the text and the background of the card make it difficult for our OCR servers to recognize the text. Here is a note I put together on biz card scanning which outlines some of the more common problems we have with recognizing information from cards and why. https://www.evernote.com/l/AAz7tuwwknNKnKB7ESe6SfQbNTkKYG-KP_8 In the last couple of years, we've been able to improve our image recognition algorithms quite a bit which is why the new Evernote iOS camera and Scannable experiences feel like magic. However there will always be fonts and card designs that will stymy our algorithms. Hope this helps.
  16. Hello Sunnyg78, On the new web client you would tap the (i) icon on the notebook list to access Notebook settings and permissions. See the screenshot below. We would never release a product that did not allow you to control your sharing privileges. https://www.evernote.com/l/AAwqyiEq4PZJwrDfkZGiMlNXq1uJKh4ueBo
  17. Hi pollywatt, Thanks for your feedback. We are looking into team-based features for work chat and should be releasing some new features soon.
  18. Hi rumatsch, We are working on the ability to set topics as well as other collaborative features for work chat. Stay tuned.
  19. Hi BrianJ, We haven't done anything to the LinkedIn promotion. If you don't seem to have this, on the iOS app, check under Settings > General > Camera > Business Cards. There is a LinkedIn section at the top of that setting page. If it says Connect - you are disconnected from your LinkedIn account and you need to login to LinkedIn. If it says Disconnect, there may be some issues with your LinkedIn connection (e.g. maybe the login token expired). Try hitting Disconnect then Connect to login again. If this doesn't fix it please contact support via one of the links below. As for why Scannable exists, its for a different set of use cases. We built Scannable as a way to introduce new people to Evernote who may not understand all the benefits of capturing everything in Evernote. It's geared towards helping people who need to scan documents on the go, like real estate agents, field reps, inspectors, etc and uses Business Card scanning as a way to introduce them to Evernote. You are right in that the same tech exists in both apps. We do this on purpose to ensure that both Evernote and Scannable are able to improve on each other as they learn more from each type of use case. You are free to use whichever app suits your work flow the best.
  20. Hello SKelley, Business card scanning on Android has been a part of the main Evernote for Android app since Nov of last year. See this blog post. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/11/20/business-card-scanning-arrives-on-evernote-for-android/
  21. Hi gidian9 This shouldn't be the case. We don't really do any type of special search for business cards on either platform. What happens with contact notes is the same that happens with all notes in Evernote. The formatting is stripped from any typed information and the words are indexed for search. Images are passed through our text recognition servers and any words we find in images are also indexed for search. In the case of scanned business cards, the name, company, phone number, etc are all indexed. Similarly any text from the business card images, front or back are index and should be available via normal search.
  22. There is no way to explicitly export Evernote notes to .csv format but here is a workaround from the Apple forums. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6007355 Hope this helps.
  23. Hello El Gropo, You could recommend your colleagues use Scannable (Free on iOS) or the document camera on Evernote for Android to capture the invoices before sending to you. Both of these do the image deskew, cropping and contrast that you seek. If you're looking for image processing software for the desktop, it may be that your use case is somewhat rare. Doing a google search for desktop software that deskews brings back software toolkits but not packaged software. I believe this may be because usually the clean up steps you want are done at the source. Even with our own Scansnap Evernote Edition, its the firmware of the scanner that does the image cleanup, not Evernote itself. Hope this helps.
  24. Hi fcaz, Both the Android and iOS clients allow you to save the contact information scanned from business cards to your device contacts. Once in your device contacts, you just need to setup Contact sync with Outlook to get those changes synchronized from your device contacts to Outlook. iOS has a setting that can save the contact info for every card you scan, if that is your preference. This setting has not been implemented on Android yet but is on the roadmap. Hope this helps.
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