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  1. I don't know what reactivity has happened here as I don't follow the forum. Do you have a link to this X account? I try not to use it but would be interested.
  2. Do the devs ever respond to feedback, or to forum posts?
  3. I don't know if mobile apps typically allow toolbar editing; I confess I do most things on my laptop. I tend to work with notes within the app framework ("collapsed" as you put it) because I'm often moving among multiple notes. Having a panel-within-frame UI makes it even MORE important, IMHO, that users be offered the opportunity to configure which tools to have within "reach" since size is smaller. I feel like this move toward enforcing a set of tools on users really started a few versions ago when they abruptly removed the "trash" icon on the toolbar, forcing the user to use a contextual menu or top menu bar to delete a note...
  4. That's all I'm asking for, is the ability to choose which (tiles, buttons, widgets, call them what you will) appear on my toolbar, which is an incredibly common and expected function in many programs, especially those focusing on productivity and data management. I should be able to organize my tools so the ones I use most are most available to me, and someone who uses the tools differently can make choices that suit their workflow.
  5. It's partly the AI Search button (which we should be allowed to disable if we're not subscribed at the level that allows its use) but also forcing the "insert" button and the task & calendar template buttons to be visible on the left. I don't use those and would gladly put *them* in a "more" drop-down in favor of having my frequently used formatting options (highlight; various kinds of lists) readily available.
  6. I've given it there already. Unfortunately there's no way to attach images.
  7. A change I have really disliked in the new version is the changes in the Tool Bar while editing a document. Tools I regularly use have been hidden, and replaced with features I do not need or want, and there is no option for editing the toolbar preferences. Between wasted/blank space, and items I don't use (circled), well over half the toolbar space is useless to me. Meanwhile, these tools I regularly use in my notes are hidden under the "more" menu. I would like to be able to configure this tool bar to meet my needs - remove buttons I don't use, and add those that I use regularly.
  8. I also saw this issue fixed briefly, then back to only filing clips in my Main Notebook. I checked settings just now to see if something had changed back to a default but they were all set as expected. v. for Chrome for MacOS.
  9. Same issue in Chrome Version 111.0.5563.146 (Official Build) (arm64) for Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1
  10. Why on earth have they disabled "Simplify Formatting"? The web clipper has always made something of a hash of recipes, which is in part down to the Pinterest-ization of recipe blogs and the bloated narratives people feel the need to add to cultivate "relatability," but is also the fault of the clipper for not handling the translation into plain text well. "Simplify formatting" is essential to be able to read the recipe and not have to manually strip out all the little boxes and doodles and fillips strewn everywhere. It's bad enough that I no longer have the option to have my list of other notes in the notebook across the top, but now I can't even make the note readable?
  11. Have you submitted a support request? I have the same problem in Evernote for Mac.
  12. Where did you find this "magic wand" and is it on Mac or PC? And where is this "formatting menu"? I actually don't even have a formatting menu in Evernote for Mac any more when I'm dealing with clipped content (oy vey)...
  13. I've submitted a support ticket. Two updates ago, they removed the "delete note" trash can icon, because that's the kind of thing you hide in a UI, of course. Now they've removed this function that I use on just about every recipe I clip, one of the two major functions Evernote serves for me. What's the issue here?
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