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  1. I also saw this issue fixed briefly, then back to only filing clips in my Main Notebook. I checked settings just now to see if something had changed back to a default but they were all set as expected. v. for Chrome for MacOS.
  2. Same issue in Chrome Version 111.0.5563.146 (Official Build) (arm64) for Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1
  3. Why on earth have they disabled "Simplify Formatting"? The web clipper has always made something of a hash of recipes, which is in part down to the Pinterest-ization of recipe blogs and the bloated narratives people feel the need to add to cultivate "relatability," but is also the fault of the clipper for not handling the translation into plain text well. "Simplify formatting" is essential to be able to read the recipe and not have to manually strip out all the little boxes and doodles and fillips strewn everywhere. It's bad enough that I no longer have the option to have my list of other notes in the notebook across the top, but now I can't even make the note readable?
  4. Have you submitted a support request? I have the same problem in Evernote for Mac.
  5. Where did you find this "magic wand" and is it on Mac or PC? And where is this "formatting menu"? I actually don't even have a formatting menu in Evernote for Mac any more when I'm dealing with clipped content (oy vey)...
  6. I've submitted a support ticket. Two updates ago, they removed the "delete note" trash can icon, because that's the kind of thing you hide in a UI, of course. Now they've removed this function that I use on just about every recipe I clip, one of the two major functions Evernote serves for me. What's the issue here?
  7. I absolutely need this feature. When I'm teaching, I have a notebook for each class. I have a notebook stack for each school where I've taught. As I've exited academia, I would like to archive these notebooks while preserving their structure. Going through and tagging everything isn't a solution, and doesn't solve the problem of the notebooks and stacks popping up when I'm trying to move notes or use the web clipper.
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