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  1. All web clippings made on the iPad end up in Evernote as very narrow view ports. In the screenshots you see Safari on the iPad with the German version of an Evernote blog posting and the resulting web clip of it in the Evernote app on the same iPad.
  2. Seriously, I think it is great that you point out this issue as well now. Using the web version of Evernote on the iPad shows how the home screen should look like.
  3. Great, so now you have the same request that I posted in July, when you answered I should contact feedback about it:
  4. That is why I keep correcting him. Split view is the multitasking ability to open two apps side-by-side. This exists since iOS 9 on the iPad and is supported by Evernote ever since. Multi-window was introduced with iPadOS 13 and is the ability of an app to open multiple windows (instances of itself). These could be hundreds of windows and yes, two of these windows could also be opened in split view. But the point of multi-window is that you could open multiple documents of the same app at the same time - not necessary at the same time on the screen (via split view or slide over). Microsoft Word supports it. Just open a Word file then tap on the Word icon in the tool bar and then on the "+" button. Now you can open another Word file ... and another ... and another. All Word files are opened at the same time and you can easy switch between them via swiping with three fingers. Now imagine this in Evernote: Open multiple notes at the same time! Just a dream, but a sweet one.
  5. Nobody ever said anything about "get compatible with a desktop". What does that even mean? I understand you are not working for Evernote and are just a user like the rest of us. Why do you keep coming up with excuses for Evernote why they are not making a proper iPad version of the app? What is your motivation?
  6. Sorry, I don't understand your logic. What has supporting multi-window (what you call "split screen") and allowing two columns in the Home screen to do with making the iPad version compatible to desktop clients? That doesn't make any sense.
  7. It is possible on macOS and Windows, so it should be possible in iPadOS as well. Regarding the Home/Start screen I agree totally. Just look at my screenshots:
  8. Here are two screen shots, both are taken on the same iPad Pro. One is of the start screen in the Evernote app and the other one is of Evernote Web in Safari. As you can see screen of the app looks horrible because it is not possible to have two widgets side-by-side. The web version shows it would work perfectly. Could you please make it happen?
  9. I gave you a specific example (support for drag&drop was included in Evernote as soon as Apple had introduced it to the iPad), so obviously it is not pure nostalgia. What you call "split screen" is actually multi-window and this was introduced with iPadOS 13, so it is relatively new. Yes, Evernote had not supported it in v9, but at least they built in the real split screen support (running Evernote side-by-side with other apps) when Apple introduced it with iOS 9 (yes, that was so long ago).
  10. Well, to name the pink elephant in the room: Evernote just stopped developing a specific version for the iPad with v10 and that is the problem. Bevor v10 they definitely did, e. g. the drag&drop support was pretty good (you could drag all files to the "+" button and that would create a new note with this file as attachment).
  11. Just use Noteshelf and you don't have to export anything. It works exactly as Penultimate and syncs every change immediately to Evernote, but is as good as GN5 - or I would say better.
  12. Even if this would be true (which it is not), should this be an excuse for Evernote to not do a proper iPadOS version? Apple has been introducing lots of specific iPad features since iPadOS 13: Support for trackpad/mouse, full keyboard support (shortcuts!), support for handwriting with Pencil on system level, multi-window (opening the same app multiple times), drag&drop in and between apps, advanced file management and many other things. They also brought with iPadOS 14 a new standardized GUI layout for iPad apps to make a better use of the huge screen: Multi-level side columns, toolbars on top of the screen and other recommendations. Evernote does not support ANY of these things!
  13. But then you lose the integration in Evernote and that was the starting point. There is currently only one handwriting notes app for the iPad (besides Penultimate) with full Evernote support/sync: Noteshelf. Still, Evernote had re-written Penultimate at one point in time, so there should not be that much legacy code left from the early days. And the current drawing functionality in the Evernote app is so extremely bad that just putting Penultimate as it is in it would be a huge improvement. Replacing the specific support of the Jot Script pen with a support for the Apple Pencil should not be rocket science. But the main problem is that Evernote seems to be not interested in putting any effort in functionalities for the iPad at all. The iPadOS version is treated like the iOS version and therefore as mobile version. And of course mobile versions don't have 13" displays, trackpads, keyboards or Pencils for that matter.
  14. I disagree. The screen of an iPad Pro 12.9" is like a MacBook Pro 13". There is absolutely no reason at all to not display the exact same layout. Why are there only two columns shown on the huge screen of the iPad Pro? Ironically the web version used in Safari on the iPad displays what the app should look like. And take the Start screen: Why on earth are there no widgets available side-by-side? The stretched quick note widget in landscape on a 12.9" screen just looks absurd. Don't forget that the old iPad version of Evernote (pre v10) had supported drag&drop. No more. And I doubt we will ever see things like multi-window (open more than one note!), real Pencil support and full support of the trackpad and keyboard. Yes, iPadOS is rooted in iOS. But that is no excuse to handle the iPad like a big iPhone - or like mobile apps at all (the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard is my desktop computer). Evernote could have built-in iPad support in their "mobile framework" if they want to.
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