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  1. I have found a very good alternative. It is called Keep It (not Keep - it is a different app). I works beautifully - it is very fast, clean, works natively on the mac, has folders and tags, everything. The only caveat is that it is for apple only. If you need cross platform it is not great, otherwise I recommend it highly.
  2. I have found a really good solution using an app call KEEP IT (not google keep). It supports tags and folders, is native to mac, it is very very fast, and has more functionality than notes. I am migrating my data and am very happy with it.
  3. I have been using keep it for several months now and I LOVE it as an alternative to EN. It is fast, intuitive, easily organized, has tags and folders and it's not hard to migrate data. I highly recommend it.
  4. Thank you DTLow, that is what I did before. I just tried it again now using your link and it said "it cannot be opened".
  5. I spent some time downloading the legacy version so I could use the old features and today EN automatically "upgraded" me to V10 again!
  6. I spent a lot of time downloading legacy so that I could use the share feature, and today EN automatically "upgraded" me back to v10! I am so frustrated with them!
  7. I have been using Keep IT for a few weeks now and it is great! It is fast, easy, great with tags and my notes are in my own system, not just in an app. The developer is very helpful. I started a support tag for evernote and when they found out I was using an older version on my mac they said "we are unable to help you further". The developer of Keep It sent me a version that works with my system, and answers questions quickly. I am switching. Thank you for the suggestion!
  8. Yes, thank you Jason, I currently have all my gmail set up in apple mail. I read in in apple mail. I will have to read up on what an AppleScript is😏. I did add keep it to my workflow for PDF's, so it shows up in a drop down menu when I click command print and then PDF, but it sounds like there could be an easier way. I tried to rename the web receipts I was saving to keep it and it would not allow me to put a date in the tile - It would say it was unreadable.Is that working for you? My system worked , but several steps. Why do you prefer the scanner pro on the phone to the scansnap for most of the receipts? Do you trust cloud's security for keeping receipts? If the scansnap has OCR, will that make it so that keep it can find words in scanned handwritten notes do you think? I really appreciate your input - I like keep it because it is in my regular files , not in another app, and I want to figure out how to do all the things I need. Thank you Pamela
  9. Jason, thank you for your post on Keep IT. I am currently in a trial version. Where did you find information on how to use it? I currently use gmail, and haven't found a way to save an email in keep it, do you know how? It looks like a good, simple, sturdy program. Have you tried saving receipts scanned in on a scansnap?
  10. I download the legacy version but it wants me to pay as a new user and does not contain my notes. How do I "sign in" to the old legacy so it recognizes me and so it has my notes, and then eliminate the V10 version for now? Thank you for your help!
  11. I found that option on my drop down menu in Print as PDF also, but when I click on it, it does not actually appear in EN! Has it actually worked for you?
  12. I have uninstalled and re-installed, I still dont see EN as a share option, and it is not there to add when I click more. Doesn't anyone know how to help this?
  13. I have been trying to use the "open with EN" and the "save PDF to EN" and it is telling me I can't do it because the new EN is a read only? I also tried to install the legacy EN but it did not seem to work - It would spin and spin and I had to shut down the computer to get it to stop. Any ideas?
  14. Thank you. I just tried installing the legacy version as you described above. It seemed to think I was a new user and only gave me the free version, not the premium version. How do I install the older version of EN with my premium version please
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