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  1. I would normally not be too bothered with this if not because the Safari Evernote clipper is much better than its Chome brother. I often take pages I'd like to capture from a Chrome Tab and to a Safari one for the clipping process. The font/font sizes seem to get messed up on the Chrome EN clipper. I will try to avoid updating Safari until this is fixed. But I would like to know when the Chrome one will come up to par. I would also like to see some better user customizations to the clipper. Why do I get dupe images, the word "photo", can't get a assembled graphic as it is shown etc...
  2. Have you notice the problem I describe? When Printing with no title.
  3. You can make a simple document in an Evernote Note. No need to use a Word Processor if it will only be printed or maybe then saved to a PDF. I'm not sure what you mean by Editor App.
  4. If I am using Evernote as a word processor and draft a letter and wish to print it and only wish to print the note contents EN unfortunately prints the Untitled header too at the top of the Note. It is not needed. If unfilled don't print or make it a user pref to. Thanks
  5. When you use the Evernote Clipper you are presented with your webpage and then transposed to your wishes i.e. Simplified page. The Settings Panel allows the user to then add tags and make the place for which notebook will get the new Note. Often the settings panel gets in the way of highlighting page text or reading it. And to this end it has a Minimize function which elevates the panel out of the way. Often I minimize it and when I am finished highlighting a page I mistakenly close the small minimize window using the X there - losing my notebook settings, tags and highlights all in one fell swoop. Why not have the SAVE button also be in the minimized version so the user doesn't kill their own work. As it is now the user has an extra step, to un-minimize and then save.
  6. I have over 2k tags that I want to manage nested where possible. If I search for say "Election" I am shown the Tags with that Term. I am shocked you can't then drag one Tag into another. Nor can you add a tag while in this search mode and then continue moving tags with your search mode still there.
  7. The IOS versions water down tags each successive version. I like Nested Tags- a drill down to them is needed in read/browse mode - I've invested much time in the Mac version building my organization. And it is too cumbersome to create a note on IOS and tag them needing to scroll down through the thousands I have to attribute a note with a tag (the Send to Evernote widget). Or in IOS 8 v by typing a few letters of the tag needed. I type Tes and see Tesla and Tesla Model S and Tesla Model 3. I'd much rather email the item I want to add to Evernote from my iphone or ipad and handle the management on the Mac Version.
  8. I'm a longterm user of EN, and as I use more and more my iPad and Iphone I miss the simplicity of using Evernote Clearly as a Browser plugin to clip only an article's content and place it in my notebook of choice. On the IOS process you end up getting the whole page almost as html screengrab. Surely EN could do better. It is ironic because the Reuters Article I want coming from their app doesn't have anything I'd remove, but when this artcle is shared through Evernote I get the a whole webpage from the Reuter's website with all the garbage. Yes, I could copy the text, most of it anyway and then save and import the photo and title manually to EN, but this only shows the weakness of my usual process when on a Tablet or iphone. Can we have that IOS share with Evernote process send the Article to a cloud based Clearly process so it ends up in my Notebook no differently than if I did it in a browser? Thanks
  9. If I want to clip a multipage article from say the NYTimes: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/04/fashion/katharine-weymouth-takes-charge-at-the-washington-post.html?hp&_r=0 I would like to be able to (maybe in settings) to remove the Page citations i.e Page 2, Page 3 citations and just have what appears as one continuous copy block. Also I would remove the dupe things like Article Corrections that get captured for each page when clipped. Thanks
  10. Thanks Gazumped. I'd rather like seeing that sent data while looking at the note in question itself and not having to fish or sort for that info elsewhere in a stream of sent emails.
  11. I like being able to copy myself when I Share or send a note via email to someone. I then have to go to my email and put it in the Sent folder or I could set those EN sent ones to autoroute to sent. But having the Sent history is key. But it would be nice to see in addition to the above process to include a submenu in Share > adding "Shared With" and then see a List of names/email addresses of the people you sent that particular note to in the past. Thanks
  12. Sorry for being a bit confusing. The email address comes through correctly as all lower case ie "name@domain.com" as expected. But my Name is all lower case ie "joe blow". Where could I get my name back to ie "Joe Blow". Thanks
  13. How do I? Where do I make an edit there? Right now my From Email address NAME is listed all lower case. When I cick on the Address card it links to for me it is proper first letter capitalized. Any thoughts? Thanks
  14. I am trying to do the same thing to no avail. I'd like to print a page or series of pages to Evernote from a PDF being viewed in either Preview (OSX 10.6.8) or Acrobat (9.0). How is that possible? In Preview, I can Print, Select a Page(s), and then in the PDF button options "Save to Evernote" and my selected pages are now in Evernote. Unfortunately, in Acrobat, that process errors out and says that you can't save while printing. Any help there? Thanks!
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