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  1. I've been a paying user of EN on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android since 2010. I've got ~27k notes, which is probably still not a lot compared to some of the long-time power users on this forum. I used to use primarily the PC version but switched to the Mac a number of years ago. The PC version was the workhorse. You could do ANYTHING with it, but, it was clunky, and I found that it took more work to get decent results than the simplified Mac got with ease. By far, the number one improvement the Mac version had over the PC (imho) was the "sort by relevance" column. I could easily find notes by a simple search, without having to make complicated searches on a PC. It was, dare I say it, like Google for my own notes. Part of the beauty of it was that I have taken the vast majority of my books, cut the bindings off, scanned them to OCR'd PDFs, tagged them by author and topic, and put them in EN. So, when I do a search, I got results from inside all those books. I'm running v10 and v7 side by side. And I've been saying, "man, where did sort by relevance go in v10?!?" Today I discovered...it didn't go anywhere. It's there, but now it SUCKS!!! So, for all of you PC users who are saying "sort by relevance sucks!", I now understand what you're talking about. It absolutely does suck on v10. But, FYI, t is actually a beautiful thing on the v7 Mac version. This isn't a Mac EN vs PC EN post, btw...but this one thing of the Mac version was actually really good, and somehow they have managed to take a good feature that they "kept" and still break it in the process.
  2. [This is all for Legacy EN on a Mac. I'm not sure if it works differently on a PC or the new EN for Mac.] A quick note is saved, but not as a note. It's saved as a file: quick-note-preserved.obj. It's a little tricky to recover it though, if it happens to disappear (has only happened to me twice in all the years of me using it). You can find it by searching for that file name, but renaming to .txt doesn't work. But what DOES WORK is right-click and selecting to open it with Notes. You'll have to wade through a bit of code at the beginning and the end, but your lost note will be waiting for you in the middle of it. It weirdly won't let you properly copy and paste it. But you can print it to a PDF, open that, copy the text, and paste it wherever you want it...even if, like me, you paste it back to the quick note bar because it's just SO useful for using as a scratch pad, even if it is a "mis-use" of the feature 😛
  3. Thanks for this. Instead of sending by AirDrop to an iOS device (which still ended up with it locked in Notes and wouldn't let me copy the text), I printed the note from Mac Notes to PDF, then opened, copied all, and pasted to Evernote (then delete the code at the beginning and end). Worked great!
  4. As a premium user for over 8 years and more than 20k notes, this is a really big deal. It used to be this way for the Mac OS also (and it still is when you filter by tag). A recent change has taken away this functionality in Mac OS when adding tags to notes. Tags are a hugely helpful organizational and search tool, but one challenge to them is remembering what you called the tag before and not having multiple tags that are closely related. I used to have numerous tags that all meant essentially the same thing. So, when I was trying to find notes related to a particular topic, I couldn't remember all the different tags that I had used at one time or another. So I consolidated those tags. A trite example: instead of having one tag "games" and another "hobbies", I now have one tag called "hobbies and games". So, when I'm tagging a new note, I can type "game" and find and add any tag with game anywhere in the text. This is far more important on other topics which have 5, 10, or even more possible terms.
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